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Nobody ever taught me to script, instead I learnt from Thethethethe's tutorial and went from there, using trial and error until I was confident with each step. Scripting is never going to come easy but working off a tutorial for the first however many scripts is the way to start off an understanding.

I have been on this forum a few months now and am currently working on my own hack. I have made just ONE attempt and I plan to stick with it even if I take some breaks along the way. However what gets me is how some people come along and instantly think they can Hack, then they post not one but (in a case this month I noticed 3) more threads when they don't have the drive to get much further than a mediocre storyline.

Now I know some people think my hack is nothing special, but if I stick with it and finish it then atleast I have contributed rather than giving a half assed attempt like some people do...

Good luck everyone still working on a hack out there!
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