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Copy and Paste from Serebii:

Originally Posted by Me

I love my FireRed version! I was reading an analysis for Mewtwo, and I was beginning to get tempted to soft reset for it. I was doing this while I was soft resetting for Omanyte, and RIGHT when I made up my mind to switch to Mewtwo (seriously, I was like "this is the last reset"), the Omanyte was shiny! I was just about to soft reset over it, too, I was not expecting to get it this fast *_*

Here are its stats

Omanyte - Lax
HP - 19
Attack - 9
Defense - 17
Special Attack - 15
Special Defense - 9
Speed - 9

This is becoming crazy.

Edit: Oh yeah, it's at level 5, duh...but seriously, this was totally unexpected! When I whispered, "Shiny Omanyte" my brother didn't even believe me. Then he looked at my game and walked out the room. Lol.

Edit2: Omanyte is such a rare shiny, too, I'm actually really glad I got it. And so far, my superstitious tactics have been working. My next SR target for LG: Aerodactyl!
I had just got finished evolving my shiny Ponyta into a shiny Rapidash, too. :D

Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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