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    oh i didn't really want to give away that much just what i siad oh well i have to do what i have to do
    i will revale the plot soon
    anyway now answer more questions the timebeam is cause brfore you have caught the 150th pokemon no the way to give you will find a item with it you give it to the 150th pokemon a it fires a time beam and all of your pokemon a stored in your pc and you will not see them untill you have compeleted the new region .
    what makes it speical: the plot all the thing that happens and what goes on
    and it sends you to a new region so it is more fun not just doing the same region every time witch is quite boring i would of fought
    the second region is also fun and exiting
    and im not sure about fakemon it would just take to long to make them if someone has some i will use them.
    Now What You Want!!

    so you start of by going to get your pokemon just like anyother game but before getting your pokemon you go and see your grandadand he tells your his storys about when he was a pokemon trainer faintly and that he moved from ((second)...noname) region and the second region you wake up a differnt person not knowing about your life in the past but you are your GRANDAD! now theres something you wernt expecting. and retell his life... and your second adventure begins thus you begin. ps after you can travel time you can use both pokemon in both regions.

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