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Sign-Ups Are Closed

This is the OOC Thread for the Role Play. This is where all the Character Profiles shall be shown. Sign-Ups and OOC Chat shall be posted here.

The Story

"This is Professor. Oak speaking and I'd like to firstly introduce myself to you. I am Professor. Samuel Oak, Pokémon Researcher and Pokémon Poetry Writer. I used to be a trainer and know how great it is, so I give Starter Pokémon to new trainers to begin their journeys. I look after their Pokémon at my Labaratory and Ranch where Pokémon can rest until they are re-called upon by their trainers. I would also like to introduce you to the world of Pokémon. Your adventure will begin in Kanto, where differant adventures and challenges await you. Such as the ever popular Pokémon League, where 8 Gym Badges are required to enter. To obtain these 8 badges you must defeat 8 Gym Leaders scattered across Kanto, who each have differant qualities and each stronger after one another. In Kanto there has been many suspicous robberies of late. Police have no leads to these robberies, but believe it is a group effort and will reveal themselves eventually.

During your journey there will be highs and lows. New competitions will be revealed to you, trainers to meet, friends to make, rivals to be found and much more. Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh embark on your mind with regularly weekend trips to the regions for travelling trainers to enter competitions and partake in Pokémon Events. There is so much to do in the world of Pokémon.

There is hundreds of Pokémon in this world and the one goal for many trainers is to 'Catch 'Em All' and become a Pokémon Master. Others however take a different path and become Pokémon Breeders, Co-Ordinators, Watchers and Photographers. Your true calling will be revealed to you during your travels, with the help of your Pokémon of course.

I have taken the liberty of registering you to the Kanto Pokémon League. A famous event where trainers across all over the world come to Kanto, earn eight badges by defeating differant Gym's, Gym Leaders across the region. Once you have earned this eight badges you can enter the Pokémon League situated at the Indigo Plateau, North West of Viridian City.

The Pokémon League is accepting new entrants to next years event, Gym Leaders are preparing for new trainers to challenge for their Gym Badge and Professors such as myself as distributing new starter Pokémon to young trainers to begin their Pokémon Journey. Do you wish to take on this adventure and explore the world of Pokémon?"

Character Profiles

Click the 'Spoiler' for the participating role player's characters.


Ian O'Connor From Celadon City

Currently Day One

Name: Ian M. O'Connor "Nathaniel"
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Current Location

Personality: Ian is a very agressive person when it comes to, well pretty much anything. He is always confident in himself, almost to a point of pride, but his confidence has paid out in much of his life. Although he may be independent in many things, such as pokemon battles, he loves to make new friends. Friendship is a very important thing in Ian's life, he wouldn't know where he would be without the experiences from his childhood friends. Once he has made a friend, he will tend to joke around alot. He is very funny and a joking about almost anything, however he is also capable of being serious. He will often challenge his friends to almost anything new he attempts, and loves competition. His confidence often helps him win battles, but when he loses he is crushed. He will need to learn more from losing in a pokemon battle before he is able to accept losses more easily. Until then he will remain a trainer that is strong and confident, as will his pokemon. Ian hates and fears spiders and spider pokemon are by far the worst for him. So he has a hard time dealing with bug pokemon. His favourite elements are lightning and ice, and he loves both those types of Pokemon. He gets cold very easily, preferring warm weather. But when it comes to a challenge he will brave anything to win.

Appearance: Ian is a very good looking eighteen year old boy. His hair is somewhere in between a perfect blonde hair and bright golden hair. The former is reached when it is perfectly dry, and the latter is reached when he has very wet hair. He never wears a hat, but constantly keeps it spiked up on the top about two inches up from front to back, kind of like a Caesar, spiked hair, or sometimes a phaux hawk. His bright, light blue eyes match up perfectly with his hair. He has a normal straight curved nose with a small mouth, and oval shaped ears. He is somewhat skinny, but this is due mostly to his body type. In the last few years he has been working out and building quite a bit of muscle on his chest and arms. He is almost never caught without some pair of blue jeans out in the wild. He has several alone in his backpack ranging from light blue to dark blue, and all shades in each. He also likes to wear T-shirts (black, white, brown, blue), and sometimes with a light, dark blue jacket with orange and white stripes running through the upper chest area/shoulders. Other times with a cyan farmers shirt jacket, black shirt jacket or a slightly furry beige shirt jacket. When the cold/rainy weather roles around, he wears a dark blue thick hooded sweater or his favourite dark brown leather jacket. Ian always wears grey airwalk skateboarding shoes, with black and white stripes running along it. He carries a grey backpack and a black laptop case around with him, both of which have pokeball holders.

History: Ian was born and raised in Celadon City. His mother was names Susanne, she was a nurse at the local hospital, and his father was a chiropractor and also did chiropractic for pokemon sometimes as well. His parent’s beliefs and morals made him into the proud and confident young man he is today. He has always spent his life around pokemon, while in school or in Celedon. He also has seen a few encounters in the wild with his father, although he never really got into pokemon.

While he we starting grade school he really started to experience pokemon. Many students and friends of his had pokemon and he had none, prefering to stick to his studies and his work. But he couldn't help but feel left out sometimes. Brady had an evee, Thomas had a growlithe, and kyle had a pidgey. All there parents had boughten their children a pokemon, but Ian never asked his parents for any. His parents taught him that paying for everything you want was an important thing in life, and since he had little money and so many things to buy he decided not to buy any.

One day he came home from school and decided he had had enough of all the kids and their pokemon. He pulled out a magazine to look at all the different pokemon in the world. He scrolled down and his eye was caught by one pokemon in particular, Raichu. He decided that if he ever got a pokemon, it would be that one. But until he could get the money for it and still pay for school, he would have to wait.

At the closing of grade 11, his father got a machop to help with his chiropractic career, and taught him how to do chiropratic. He was oftena round the house when his dad was home and as a result Ian got more and more pokemon thrown in his life. He was starting to get annoyed but when he hung out with machop or did anything with it such as house work he had a really good time and started to enjoy it. When he asked his parents if he could take it to school they said "no" because they needed him for work.

One night Ian was having a dream about pokemon and woke up from it knowing he had to get one. He found an extra job working for a paper money during the very, very early mornings. He was always tired for school and his grades started to drop, but he knew it would be worth it for a pokemon.

When Ian finally finished High School, he had passed with a decent grade. He had enough money to last him a few months so he decided to take a few years off and travel. When he heard of Professor Oak handing out pokemon for beginner trainers in Pallet Town, he told his parents. He showed them the money he had made to keep him afloat and that he really wanted a pokemon. So he packed up his things and bought a train ticket to pallet town, and he never looked back.

Ian O'Connors's Pokémon:


Moves: Tackle, Growl, Leech Seed
Gender: Female
Additional Info: Feels a connection to it's trainer, nerves are beggining to fade.

Nidoran (m)

Moveset: Leer, Peck
Gender: Male
Additional Info: Strong for it's young age, eager to impress.

Kenny Jones From Pallet Town

Currently Day One

Name: Kenny Jones
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Current Location

Personality: Kenny is a very outgoing teenager he loves meeting new people and going to new places. He is very adventurous and courageous and he loves to do dangerous things. While Kenny can be very annoying at times he usually is very easy to get along with. Kenny is a quick thinker and can make choices in the blink of an eye he is a natural born leader even if he leads people into tough situations he always can get them out of it. He is willing to help his friends in danger and put him in risk in the process. Kenny loves to battle and has some good strategies up his sleeve. Kenny has a good photographic memory and can remember what happened when he was only one.
The downside to him is that Kenny always says that he is right and will rarely accept that he was wrong and he is very independent so he sometimes won’t like people helping him and can get into some really bad fights. Also he can go straight into anything he wants to do without planning much which means he and people around him can get into a lot of trouble at times.

Appearance: Kenny is quite handsome and lots of girls love him. He has black hair reaching his cheek and light brown eyes he is about 6” 2” tall and has quite a bit of muscle on his arms and legs with a light six pack on his chest. Depending on the weather he wears a brown cowboy hat and black sunglasses. Kenny usually wears a black t-shirt with a red jacket and black sleeves and he usually wears blue denim jeans with a black coloured belt which can hold pokeballs but he tends not to use it. He has walking shoes which are red and black in colour and when Kenny goes rock climbing he wears a pair of black gloves. When it is cold he wears black and red hoodie. He carries a sling bag which is blue and red with a pokeball in the middle and has six slots where he puts his pokeballs.

History: Kenny was born and raised in Pallet town with his mum who divorced his dad when he was only little tried. She tried to keep him out of trouble but as Kenny says “Trouble always finds me” and in school he was nearly in detention every week. When he was little his parents took him everywhere but when Kenny turned three his father had a car crash which killed to other person who was only 21 years old. From then on his father went out at night drinking and never came home until it was late and one night Kenny’s parents had an argument which ended in his father leaving with his stuff and never coming back.

During Kenny’s school life he made some good friends and was very popular at school even if he did get in to trouble a lot. He never worried about anything in school and only when an important test came up he revised which was enough to pass most of them even getting some A’s and B’s.

In the school holidays Kenny and his mum would go to the countryside where they had a little cottage. There Kenny would play with the Pokemon there and go hiking in the mountains nearby. When Kenny was 14 while hiking he found an injured Charmander in a cave that day Kenny risked his life trying to bring Charmander down the mountain and to the nearby Pokemon Center he did this by having Charmander on his back and a couple of times he nearly fell off a cliff. After that day Charmander always came to play with Kenny in his cottage.

On Kenny’s sixteenth birthday Professor Oak came to his party and personally invited him to get a Pokemon. Kenny was so thrilled he could barely sleep for too weeks waiting to receive his Pokemon. His mum made sure everything was ready on the day and then it was time to receive his Pokemon.

Kenny's Pokémon:


Moves: Scratch, Growl
Gender: Male
Additional Info: Glad to have left the Oak Labaratory.

Willow Marinier From Vermillion City

Currently Day One
Name: Willow 'Will' Marinier
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Current Location

Personality: Willow is to say the least a very stubborn girl. She doesn't like to do what she's told, on the contrary, she's rather do the exact opposite. So, in a way, reverse psychology works just fine. She has no patience whatsoever. No, waiting is definitely not her feature. She likes to believe she is tough even though she's not really. She's very emotional and tends to let her emotions lead her and not her brains. She cries easily, but she will try to hide it from anyone she's with.

If you first meet her she might be a bit overwhelming at first. She is a very cheerful and optimistic person, always trying to see the good side of any situation. She is also very oblivious to some things, like too subtle comments and hints. She's not the brightest person in the world and she knows this. She is good with people though, people usually get the impression that she's cute because of her cheerful gingerness and her tininess. Either that or that she's a weak little girl. Obviously she prefers the first one.

Will also likes to be informed. She is known to budge into conversations and demanding to be informed. She hates being kept in he dark about something, and will be persistent to know what's going on, something people often find annoying about her. If she doesn't get what she want, she might revert to pouty lips and puppy eyes.

Her battle style is very specified. As in, she trains her Pokemon to specialize in a certain style, like double battles, long ranged battles, endurance battles. This way, the more Pokemon she has, the more she'll be prepared for different kinds of situations. Also, she tries to expand a Pokemon's most natural area, like Scyther's speed or Onyx's defense. Her entire battle style is all very planned out and she doesn't lie to be left in the dark. When something happens that wasn't supposed to happen she'll take a while to readjust her strategy. So basically if something happens that she didn't foresee she;ll have a hard time coming back.

Appearance: Willow is a ginger in all the sense of the word. She has wavy orange hair that is layered and shoulderlegth, no bangs. It's usually parted to the side. Her pale face has freckles all over it and her arms. She is a petite girl with a small chest a smaller waist and a hight counting a total of 1m50. Her eyes are a pale blue, almost grey, but not in the cold sense.

Now her clothing. She wears a white gypsy-like top with puffy sleeves pulled across her arms, leaving her shoulders bare. Under that she wears a green skirt with yellow plaid pattern. Her shoes are black flats with a little strap across the foot. She carries her things in a round, black shoulder bag with Pokeball slots across the strap. Inside the bag is a white spaghetti-strap tanktop, a wool black sweater and long blue pants.

History: Willow had always been quite an impulsive person and one without any patience. If it were up to her she would have started an adventure when she was 10. She was born to an average family, middleclass and an only child. Her mother didn't want to let her go so young so she enrolled in a local trainer school for the time being. She had objected of course, but her mother wouldn't budge. And so she stayed in school until this very moment.

She wasn't a particularly popular child, but she was well-liked by the other kids. Always looking younger than she actually was, people mistoo her for a freshman quite often. But no matter how many times she had to explain she was actually older than she looked, she was always nice and never snapped at anyone. That just wasn't the way she was.

As the years went by others went away on journeys, she always stayed behind. So in the end she turned out very skilled with Pokemon, she had plenty of practice. And even though she never had her own Pokemon, she practiced with the school's custom ones. But she finally made the choice to go on a journey. She was 16 and she had been ready for a while. Now was the time to go.

Willow's Pokémon:

Squirtle (Malik)

Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip
Gender: Male
Additional Info: Beggining to grow fond of it's trainer.

Kairi Hill From Pallet Town

Currently Day Two
Name: Kairi Hill
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Current Location

Personality: She is very nice and trusting. Kind to her Pokemon. But she does conplain a lot. Kairi really hates walking a lot. Her feet get sore when she does a lot of walking.

She likes to ride her bike instead. When Kairi loses her temper though, she's like a hurricane, so watch out. She loses her temper whenever she sees someone being mean to Pokemon, or just being stuck up. She can't stand stuck up people. But she is very faithful to her friends and Pokemon. Kairi loves anything that's cute or beautiful.

She goes on beauty. Beautiful and cute Pokemon are her life. She loves them so very much. Her favorite types of Pokemon are water types. She doesn't know why, there is just something beautiful and magical about water types that she just loves.

But her favorite Pokemon are Pachirisu and Pikachu. She thinks there the cutest out of all other Pokemon out there. But she may like Pikachu a lot more then Pachirisu. But she can't stand ghost Pokemon. She is very afaird of ghost Pokemon. When she was very tiny, she got frighten by a Genger, and ever since then she's been very afaird of ghost types. She can't stand to be anywhere near them at all. They frighten her so much.

Kairi believes there can be peace between humans and Pokemon. She believes that one day there will be such a strong connection between humans and Pokemon that humans will be able to understand Pokemon speech. She also believes in not keeping her first Pokemon inside a PokeBall. She likes to keep it outside with her all of the time.

Appearance: Kairi is of avange height at 5'' 2''. Not too tall or too short for her age. Even though she always thinks she's too short. She weights 100 pounds. She's always conplainning about her height and weight. She thinks she's too short and that she weights too much.

She has very long brown hair, going straight down her back. Her hair is very thight as well. It is always a pain brushing it. Kairi conplains a lot about taking care of her hair. It is so hard for her to take care of it. She has to use a special shampoo for it all the time. She hates that as well.

She wears a sleeveless blue shirt, a red short skirt, red and white shoes, and very long blue socks that go up to her ankles. Kairi always wears the same thing every day. Expect during the Winter time, when she wears a tight blue coat. Under it is a blue sweater, and she wears blue sweat pants and brown fuzzy boots.

She is very pale white skinned. She hates her skin color a lot. She is pale skinned because she gets sick a lot. Sometimes if she's really, REALLY sick her skin color turns a light green color. She always got made fun of in school cause of her pale skin color. All the kids at school gave her the nickname,'Ghost' cause her skin is so pale it's almost the color of a ghost.

But Kairi's eyes are very beautiful. She has very pretty light blue eyes. Her eyes are the same color as the sky. Her family's always telling her how pretty her eyes are. Kairi blushes and looks away. Kairi has never thought that her eyes were that pretty but everyone else seems to think so. So she just lets it slide.

She carries a side sag with her that she carried across her shoulder. Her bag can carry a lot of things inside it. She has had this bag since she went to Pokemon School. It's her most prized item, since it was given to her by her missing father. She treasures it always.

History: Kairi was born, and raised in Johto, at New Bark Town. Her parents always used to fight all the time when she was a baby. It was always about her all the time. About what they would do with her. Even when Kairi was a little baby they faught a lot. But then it was about what to feed her. And who was going to change her diaper.

When Kairi was a baby she had always heard voices in her head. She didn't think anything of it at the time because, hey, she was just a baby. Later on when she turned 3 she forgotten all about the voices in her head. It was then that her father got fed up with her mother and decided to leave,"I'm going!" He screamed at Kairi's mother. "Find!" She screamed back. She was glad to have him gone.

Kairi's mother had always thought he was no good for Kairi anyway. Glameow, Kairi's mother's Pokemon yawned and fell asleep as he left the house. It didn't even notice him leaving. Kairi's mother used to be a Coordinator. She had entered dozens of Contests with that Glameow and won them all.

Kairi's mother had been everywhere. From Kanto all the way to Sinnoh. She had even won the Grand Festival with Glameow. Kairi's mother was a Pokemon Coordinator legend. Kairi hoped someday to master Contests as well. But one day her mother retired from Contests and released all her Pokemon back into the wild expect for Glameow. She kept Glameow with her as a house pet.

Later on when she was 8 years old, Kairi and her mother later on moved to Pallet Town, as New Bark Town was way too noisy for her and her mother. She loved going outside and picking flowers. She has a very beautiful flower garden that her mother sometimes helps her with. She plants all kinds of flowers there, but her favorite kinds of flowers are sun flowers.

Kairi has been living with her mother since then. She doesn't know what happened to her father. He disappeared about a year later after the divorce, and Kairi hasn't seen him since then. It's like her father just disappeared off the face of the earth. No one has seen her father since then.

Her and her mother sometimes sell the flowers. One day Kairi was watching TV, and heard about all children starting out as Pokemon Trainers or Coordinators, and getting there first Pokemon from Professor Oak. "Wow! That's what I always wanted to do, become a master Coordinator just like my mom," Kairi said getting excited.

The next day she went and got her starter. With her starter she feels as if she can handle anything. So she starts her journey. Kairi hopes that this journey will lead to her missing father. She misses him so much. She hopes to find him while on this journey. She will look for clues to his disappearance.

She will find him no matter what. She will not quit until she has found her father and finds out what happened to him. She hopes that he's still alive at least. Oh well, she figures that one day she'll find out if she just keeps on searching and never quitting.

Her mother has a Glameow. She'd like to catch one of those while on her journey. Maybe she can use it to find her father. Or maybe not. Kairi decides that anything she can think of is worth a try. As long as she finds her father she doesn't care how she finds him. As long as she finds him. And she will find him someday, somehow. No matter what she will find him.

Kairi's Pokémon:


Moves: Thundershock, Charm
Gender: Male
Additional Info: Excited to begin it's journey.


Moves: Tackle, Howl, Sand Attack, Bite
Gender: Female
Additional Info: Dissapointed to have lost to a baby Pichu, but happy none the less.

Diego Johansen From Goldenrod City

Currently Day One

Name: Diego Johansen
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Current Location

Personality: Diego is polite, sometimes rash, and energetic, too. When things go wrong, or something huge just happened, he says, "Crap!" or, "Oh crap!" He sometimes can be a bit depressing, but generally is optimistic. He's impatient, has random spasms of random actions, and is bored easily if his face isn't glued to a PC monitor, a TV set, or a book. Because of his tendency to work on and fix the nearest broken computer and then work on making his video game on it, doing stuff that his classmates can't comprehend, he's called "nerdy" and "smartacle", to which he responds with, "Thanks for the compliment!" Sometimes, he is caught on the computer at night, to which he gets grounded for and can barely survive the rest of the week of being grounded. When it's not a school day, he gets on the computer early in the morning and forgets to eat breakfast. He tends to be a bit of a scatterbrain at times, and he's always a scatterbrain when it comes to chores or something of the sort. With the day to get his Pokémon finally here, he got to be even more of a scatterbrain and has to come back home for his backpack. He always had the ability to bond extremely well with Pokémon, especially with Psychic types and Fire types. When he can't remember something, he either bangs his head on a wall, or asks the person, if any, what they said, constantly annoying anyone around him. If something's not organized, he goes and tries to organize it, unless it's his computer desk.

Appearance: Diego is tall (5' 4") and a little skinny (100 pounds), and has a moderate tan. There's a birthmark on his forehead which he can make purple. He has short brown hair (which he forgets to comb), and skinny arms. His trademark clothes are a purple t-shirt and khaki shorts, with flip-flops. When you look at Diego for five minutes, you'll see him with a hunched back at first, then he'll remember and straighten out his back. Then, he slowly droops back down, and the process starts again. He has brown eyes and has size 7 feet. When people look at him, they never know what to make of him.

History: Diego grew up in Goldenrod City, Johto, amidst all the city rush, and wonders what it'll be like to take a journey out in the rough. He got hooked on computers at 2. Later that year, he moved from an apartment house to a bigger house. Shortly after moving, when he was almost 3, he tripped down some stairs and broke his arm. Throughout the years, his family's suffered their shares of illnesses, but they've managed through. For the past two months, he was anticipating this event, bothering everyone in the family because he was talking about his new Pokémon 24/7. He was planning on getting Eevee, but forgot to set his alarm clock and got up late for the Magnet Train. He had to take a ship or else wait 1 hour. Originally, he was going to get a Cyndaquil from his region's professor, Professor Elm, but Elm ran out of Pokémon and called him to tell him that a new shipment would arraive in a month. Diego was so impatient, he dedcided not to wait.

Diego Johansen's Pokémon:


Moves: Leer, Smog
Gender: Male
Additional Info: Eager to begin battling.


Gender: Male
Moveset: Peck, Growl, Leer
Additional Info: Lacks experiance, needs training and battles.

Oliver Harding Jr. From Saffron City

Currently Day One

Name: Oliver Harding Jr.
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Current Location

Personality: Oliver is of a fiery nature. He loves the exciting parts of life and will do anything to get away from the repetitive routine. He learned the hard way when trusting people, so he always tests them in various ways on trust matters. Whether he tells him a juicy, but fake secret about himself and waits for the person to spill the beans, or asks them to fulfill a promise. He always keeps people on this challenge, and only one person has passed, his best friend Amelia, a trainer from the Hoenn region, which he met on a vacation. He also has the strange trait to never get cold, as in the middle of winter he never wears a jacket of sweater. Although he never gets cold, he hates rain and water, as he can't stand water type pokemon either. He also is unafraid to leave an uncomfortable situation or a environment that is harmful to him. Although one of his favorite hobbies is adventuring. He loves to explore the unknown in the world, searching for the undiscovered...but usually he just goes to the nearby national park and treks the woods looking for new places and intresting views because most of the world has already been cartogrpahed.

Appearance: Oliver has a distinct face with a slim nose and moth. His eyes are hazel with a touch of red. He has hair the color of fire that goes down to his shoulders, but not in a girlish fashion and it ends in a V at the end. He has a muscly, distinct chest, which he wears a white, skintight, long-sleeved shirt with gray lining on the sleeves. He has long, lean legs that give him a height of 6' 1''. He wears black cargo pants with a pocket chain that leads into his back pocket, where he keeps a utility knife. He has pockets going down on the sides to about the middle of his thighs, in which he keeps various items, some he doesn't even know he has. He wears red basketball shoes, with a white tongue and red laces. The sole has a poke ball on it. The top part of the poke ball black and the bottom white. Instead of carrying pokeballs on his belt, he has a sash that has six suction cups slots. The area in which the pokeballs are placed is a metal tube that is not sewn with the rest of the sash, so he is able to take of the holder. I also acts as the buckle for the sash.

History: Oliver is from Saffron city. He lived with his parents, his mother named Amelia and a father named Oliver Sr. His father worked at the nearby factory and the mother was a business woman that worked for the same factory his father worked at. He lived a normal childhood, but as the factory closed down as of a recession, both of his parents became deeply depressed. They both started drinking, but once his mother binged too hard, and died in a car crashed while under the influenced. He then lived with his father until he was 11, but then ran away because his father became abusive. While living on the streets of saffron city, he joined a mafia group called the sigma guild. Although they didn't commit crimes much, Oliver personality hardened into what he is today.

Oliver Harding Jr's Pokémon:

Eevee (Aros)

Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
Gender: Female
Additional Info: Recently hatched from egg.