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    You know the ones. Those stories that are basically based on the games and mock nearly every aspect of them making you laugh at some point. I have extensively searched the internet in all the big places and many small ones and I've managed to find two that have been completed. Only two. And one of them is mine. I've found a few others that have begun but have been abandonned after a few chapters. And apart from my own every single one has been in script format.

    I'm wondering, why does hardly anybody write them? And for most that do, finish them? And why are they all in script format?

    Nearly every parody I've read has been popular and my reviewers have demanded more. So, it doesn't really make a lot of sense. And, if anyone says it's because they're usually writen poorly you're wrong because that would put someone off reading them (not many do seem put off though) and just look at OT fics.

    Anyone who can provide an answer, thank you.
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