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I have tried a parody of the games once, but it didn't work out so well, pretty much the same reasons Val explained.

-The jokes. It wasn't easy trying to think up of them. At first I was doing well (pun loving Lugia, anyone? :D ), but after a few chapters I'm unable to get inspiration for more good ones. The jokes started to become generic ones you see in parodies nowadays.

-Losing interest. What happened was I suddenly losing the drive to write that story and I'm becoming more interested in my other fic, Nothing, Everything, which is mystery/suspense.

-Time. Because of real life issues and also working on NE, I decided to quit on my parody so that I have one less fic to be worried about.

Parodies are fun to write and read, but for the most part it's not easy trying to go all the way through with a parody. If wanting to parody the game, it might be easier to do it in a one shot so that you can have all the fresh jokes in there and such.
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