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    Just a suggestion, could you create a script where pokemon heal slowly by themselves? It makes more sense that pokemon can heal on their own. Suppose a 5%-10% increase in health every 2 turns in a battle, depending on the pokemon's stats. For travelling, a 5% increase in health, say, every 400 steps?
    Just a suggestion, as it will make the game much more interesting.

    Also, is it possible to make a choice of looks of the character in a special occasion, and choose the eye and hair color for the player at the beggining of the game? Only a choice of 3 to 4 deffernt clothes ofcourse. Kinda like the Super contest in D/P/Pt only with things like parties, birthdays(like yours and the team, and the player also). This might be hard considering you have to make a good script that will allow imput of birthdate. Also to dye hair and buy contacts and all.

    A last suggestion would be to help let the player choose where to keep their belongings in their room/secret base/suite or whatever we would be staying in.

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    This is cool!