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    Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
    Wait, I know what this is all about...
    You say if we put Kecleon on the first line it will be more common than if we put it on the last line?
    Am I correct?
    Yes, and the percentages are useful if you want multiple pokemon to appear at the same rate, say you want a pikachu to be the same rate as a rattata and spearow

    PKMN 1-Pikachu
    PKMN 2-Rattata
    PKMN 3-Spearow
    PKMN 4-Spearow

    But this is at 20% for each. You can go lower.

    PKMN 3-Pikachu
    PKMN 4-Rattata
    PKMN 5-Spearow

    10% each.

    this is also useful for documenting the percentages for walkthroughs, like on route 15, the FR %'s are
    ('s Percentages)
    In ROM
    PKMN 1-Oddish(+20%)
    PKMN 2-Venonat(+20%)
    PKMN 3-Oddish(+10%)
    PKMN 4-Pidgey(+10%)
    PKMN 5-Pidgey(+10%)
    PKMN 6-Venonat(+10%)
    PKMN 7-Oddish(+5%)
    PKMN 8-Ditto(+5%)
    PKMN 9-Pidgeotto(+4%)
    PKMN 10-Gloom(+4%)
    PKMN 11-Pidgeotto(+1%)
    PKMN 12-Gloom(+1%)

    And it all adds up to 100%

    The reason I researched this is to find a way for finding 5 different pokemon at the same percentage, making it an equal chance to find all of them(most is 5 for equal percentage).

    Also, all I could find was common, uncommon, rare... stuff post all over for information on how that tab worked. and I just noticed, The name for this document should be "[Document]Pokemon encounter % in Adv-map", I must have had connection troubles when I was sending the post
    Originally Posted by ageangel View Post
    so what do we need this tutorial for??
    As said in the title, It is a Document. A reminder is that this is the Documents and Tutorials thread
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