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    Originally Posted by Atlus View Post
    Wonderful.. I've actually been looking for this sort of thing for a while, although I didn't expect it to be on Serebii.. So, basically, what he's saying, is that although the hacker sets the percentage of wild encounters, this is the percentage that each Pokémon will appear if the player enters an encounter.
    The second part is exactly correct.
    But didn't give me the info. I compared the percentages for pokemon on a certain route from them(probably gotten from a guidebook...) to the data from ROMs

    Originally Posted by ageangel View Post
    Sorry about it...
    i did not understand it at first but now yes....
    It's understandable. A lot of people have questioned this thread, even if they didn't reply, mistaking it for a stupid, useless post. Although this document isn't important, It can have some impact on a hacked game.
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