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Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
Oh, well there's a refresh if you forgot
My friend keeps trying this tut but whenever he does it and he goes to the sprite in-game, the game freezes. What could be causing that, he did all the steps that you did but it doesn't work :\
Maybe he did something wrong during the process, or he accidentally overwrote an offset which was used by the ROM...
It could also be possible that the failed to repoint it successfully...

Originally Posted by xyver81 View Post
Hi Jagold. I would like to say thank you for creating an awesome game which is Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Reign of Legends. I love the game so much. I recently changed the sprite of your Shadow Lugia with a custom sprite I found on the net.

But I am having a problem with it. The sprite appears okay within the pokedex but appears distorted when in battle. I could provide a screenshot but since this is my first post, I am not allowed to do a direct linking to other sites. I could send it to you via e-mail if you need to see it. This is my e-mail address; [email protected]

By the way, you can use the sprite for any of your project. No need to credit me or anything. I just hope you could help me out here.

I am from Malaysia BTW.
What may be the problem?
How could it be okay in the dex, since there's no Nat. Dex in the game?

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