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Shop Index

Welcome to the shop index. You may be asking "what is the purpose of this thread". Well let me answer that question. Here in the Shop Index, we keep track of what Request Shop is open and where it is located, so if you need a banner you can simply look at the list below and choose an open shop you would like to make a request from.

Rules of the Shop Index.

The shop index does not have many rules; the main rules of it are not to go off topic, nor to spam or flame in it. If you wanna leave a simple rating of a shop you visited and requested from, then please, be my guest and post in here. We ask that you only leave positive comments. A shop will be taken off the index list if it has been inactive for over a month.

And if you are opening a new shop or don't see your shop on the list then please leave a comment in this thread using this form.


Shop Name (Please put here the name of the your shop):
Shop Owner/Workers (If you have workers at your shop then please make sure to mention them.):
Shop Location (Here you put a link to the first page of your shop):
Banner (Here you post a banner you can make for your the shop index to advertise the shop, the banner must be 350x100):
Status (Open or Closed):

If you see a shop that's been inactive for more then a month then let us at the Shop Index know, and we will decide if we should remove the shop from the index or not.

We are trying to keep track of what shop is open to take requests, so for this to work you must either update the first post of your shop like crazy or you could leave a post in here saying e.g:

"I now have 7 requests and I only take 7, so I'm closed until I get them all done/ until I get one done"

Or you can always just PM/VM one of the Shop Index keepers with info on your status.


Air Bourne Graphics
Shop Owner: Kayla Ann
Shop Location : Here
Banner :
Status (Open or Closed): Open

Air Imaging
Owner: Air
Link: Here
Status: Open

Angela's Shop/Gallery ~Of Evil/Epic Fails~
Owner: Angela
Link: Here
Status: Open (3/3)

Banner Request available here
Owner: ageangel
Link: Here
Status: Open

exam 9
Owner: Gabriella
Link: Here
Status: Open

Ezzo's Graphiclicious Shop
Owner: ピチュー
Link: Here
Status: Open

GodofPH's Shadow Raptor Galleria and Signature Request Shop
Shop Owner: GodofPH
Shop Location: Here
Status: Open (0/2)

ICONic | connection
Owner: Gummy, Statistics

Link: Here
Status: Open

My little icon shop
Owner: pokemon xd
Link: Here
Status: Open

NightLife Graffiti
Status: Open

♥ Tamaki's Graphic Shop ♥
Owner: Tamaki
Link: Here
Status: Open!
Shop Name: The Emporium
Shop Owner: R a c h e l
Shop Location: Here
Status: Open
The Thunder Arena's Shop
Owner: zappyspiker
Link: Here
Status: Open

The Fantasy Shrine
Shop Owner/Workers: Graceful + Autumn Star
Shop Location: The Fantasy Shrine
Banner :
Status (Open or Closed):

Under Radar - 07harris collection!

Owner: 07harris
Link: Here

the alchemist
Owner: Color Me Evil
Link: Here
Status: Open

The Thunderous
Owner: .raiden
Link: Here
Status: Open

Shop Index keepers

Angela, Loki
My Pair
Credits for theme: Abnegation

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