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Originally Posted by Veristical Blaze View Post
How the heck can a move like Curse have an attack power it takes off some HP points every turn doesn't it soo an attack power isnt neccesary
Exactly; Curse takes away half the user's HP, yet you're proposing that it should only take 20, and also deal damage? I think it could work, but without the effect. Ghost types need a good physical move (I think that because it's a cut, it should be physical, not special. Similar to Psycho Cut).
Sorry, I don't currently need sprites. Besides, I don't know how good you are...
Originally Posted by np7261 View Post
I love you Wichu. Good job with this. I hope everything works. You should send your ideas to GameFreak and Nintendo!
Actually, I can't. Due to copyright reasons, Nintendo can't accept fan-made material for their games. The only exception to this was a move name in the Japanese version of D/P, and that was by an official competition.
Originally Posted by SytheXP View Post
Its not for either its for RPGMXP which require RGSS to play. Its downloadable on the internet.
The RGSS Player will be packaged with the game anyway, so you won't need to download anything else (no ROMs or emulators).
Originally Posted by Zurr View Post
Just a suggestion, could you create a script where pokemon heal slowly by themselves? It makes more sense that pokemon can heal on their own. Suppose a 5%-10% increase in health every 2 turns in a battle, depending on the pokemon's stats. For travelling, a 5% increase in health, say, every 400 steps?
Just a suggestion, as it will make the game much more interesting.

Also, is it possible to make a choice of looks of the character in a special occasion, and choose the eye and hair color for the player at the beggining of the game? Only a choice of 3 to 4 deffernt clothes ofcourse. Kinda like the Super contest in D/P/Pt only with things like parties, birthdays(like yours and the team, and the player also). This might be hard considering you have to make a good script that will allow imput of birthdate. Also to dye hair and buy contacts and all.

A last suggestion would be to help let the player choose where to keep their belongings in their room/secret base/suite or whatever we would be staying in.
I'm not too keen on healing over time. In battle, it would be like a free Leftovers; it would make certain Pokémon very hard to beat. Out of battle, it would eliminate the need for a Pokémon Center, as you could just walk around for a while.
I'm not going to have the hair and eye colour choosable at the beginning, as this is a role-playing game. Therefore, you're taking the role of somebody, not playing as yourself. It may be an option later in the game, though...
I've been thinking about making a secret base system. But what do you mean by 'belongings'? The secret base decorations in R/S/E/D/P/Pt?
Originally Posted by i_am_a_pokemon View Post
Hey Wichu...

How did you made it possible to have a Mystery Gift system?

I am making a game too and would like to add a Mystery Gift System.

The Mystery Gift system is actually going to be revamped. I made it using scripting; if you want to make one too, you should start learning how to script.

Anyway, progress has been pretty slow lately. I'm currently working on a minigame which has appeared before in the official games. I'll post a few screenshots once it's done.