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Sorry for not explaining. I used a cheat code to complete my pokedex. Actually the picture in the "Summary" of pokemon appears okay. But like I said, the battle sprite I mean, the back sprite is distorted (the color is weird). Is there a tutorial to change the back sprite? or changing the palette correctly?


Thanks for replying 874521 and Jagold. I tried to do an experiment again today. I managed to import my custom Dark Lugia back sprite into my rom. It came out perfect during battle. But when I import the front sprite into the rom, the front sprite color is distorted. If I do the front sprite first, then the back sprite is distorted. So, what I did is put in the same RGB values for both front and back sprite (I mean the palette) but this time the front sprite is distorted and the back sprite is fine. How do we make sure that both front and back sprite has the same palette? I'm getting really confused... I hope you could help.
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