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    My shiny Turtwig is completely EV trained(a couple days ago now), and it has since then evolved into a shiny Torterra. I went chaining for a few synchronizer Ralts(I'm SRing for a Modest shiny Giratina now in Platinum) in my Pearl version.

    I got up to 40 without really trying and while looking for another patch to go into, I got a shiny patch. I continued the chain, still catching every Synchronize Ralts I could find, and I managed to get a second shiny patch around 71 or so. As I don't really count my radared shinies anymore, there won't be pictures.

    I am currently SRing for shiny Giratina in Platinum, and I started a new SR project in my "lucky" Pearl. Eevee is my next SR target for this game, I'm around 100 SR's so far for the white fox, so I hope it appears soon.

    See ya next time .
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