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    Originally Posted by Alinthea View Post
    Really? O_o
    How do you mean I didn't say how I got Cresselia? O_o

    I got it in the wild.

    All of them were caught on route 202.
    Like I said, that is where I pretty much "set up camp" to attempt to catch them all.

    I know it is rather hard to believe, but I am not lying O_o
    I will take some more pictures then ^-^
    No, you said "the trio of birds was a little annoying, I just went back and forth between Sandgem Town and Route 202".

    You explicitly mentioned Mesprit, and you collectively talked about the bird trio. Not ONCE did you type the word "Cresselia" in your post, nor did you explain how you go it.

    Furthermore, you didn't explain the order in which you got the Pokemon; how are we supposed to believe that you caught them ALL on the same route? Would that mean that your Pokemon Marker App (or whatever it's called) had FIVE marks all on the same route? Excuse, but that's a little suspicious. Furthermore, I find it hard to believe that you didn't even mention this to us, waiting to "find them all", and the fact that it took only a few days makes your claim more dubious.


    My brother is playing through Pearl too slowly, so I'm doing it now...I'm fighting the fifth gym leader now. Hopefully, after he wakes up, I can get him to actually do something. Perhaps I'll make it to Palkia by the end of the night. I still need to decide what Synchronizer to use!

    On Diamond, I'm afraid I'll have to postpone my Uxie hunt. Between transferring stuff over from Emerald, picking up berries, checking the GTS for a high levelled Smeargle, and EV-training, it's just too much stuff. I'll just stick to chaining or breeding when I have some free time.

    And I've had my FireRed on since last night hunting for a shiny Heracross. I have no idea how many I've run into, but using the Max Repel method + Illuminate Staryu + White Flute = A LOT of encounters. I don't know why I'm bothering though; my next shiny is probably going to come from LG anyways.

    Good luck, everyone.

    Credit goes to ShinysHunters Forum for the image.

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