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Originally Posted by Skunter View Post
In all honesty, I consider parodies the lowest form of comedy as they tend to be an easy way to plagiarize while people still consider it something legit. I don't mind an occasional spoof of games within fics; I poke some fun at the whole Pokemon Mystery Dungeon set-up several times in my Dark Nostalgia fic, Biohazard. But, unless they're part of mainstream media like the Scary Movie series, Simpsons, South Park, and that lot, I scorn any usage of this genre.
Parodies are actually supposed to make fun of something (game parodies making fun of games) and shows like South Park and Simpsons would make fun of the trends and events in today's society, and doing a good job too.

The problem is the writers here (and anywhere else) think parody is all comedy when it's actually not. You have to understand why you're making fun of one particular thing in the games and how you go about by that when doing a parody. In fact, not all parodies have to be a comedy. Farla/icemew's story Lucki at Serebii is a parody that didn't rely in jokes, but the story still come across its message as it parodies stories with a Mary Sue character and how some of the qualities of a Mary Sue weren't noticeable to the readers at all.

Guess I'm trying to say is I don't think parodies are the lowest form of comedy, but most of the time the writers don't know how to do it right. Even I think I didn't do my parody right.
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