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Ooh! I've been waiting for this kind of thread. *_* I'll do my profile a bit differently, though.

Name: Kayleigh M. D. (All you get out of my middle and last name are initials, lol.)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii
Current Residence: Mt. Vernon, Texas (A really small town. ._.")
Hair Color and Length: Medium brown, and a little past my shoulders (I'm growing it out)
Eye Color: A sort of olive green, but kind of dark
Skin Color: Tan in the summer, and fair in winter
Siblings: Two brothers.. yipee. o_o; Jake, (1 year) and Zack (12).
Pets: Misty and Peaches, my two adorable cats
Hobbies: Anything Pokmon, drawing, spending time out in nature, computer stuff, etc.

I'll add more later, if it's allowed. ; And also, I love Japanese things too. So many of the things the Americans do consider dorky, they actually appreciate. Like nature, dresses, and any kinds of calm things.. I love it!