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    Not like I have a choice for this one, but...

    Slight Update
    Okay, rejoice: I've finally finished revising everything up to Goldenrod City. So now, message speed corresponds with the setting you chose at the beginning, the "blip" happens in between sentences, a few maps were revised a bit (Azalea's Gym is back to looking a bit more like the original, and for the moment, I'll keep the "beat all 4 to get to Bugsy" thing; might change later), including having the little harbor thing added to the Goldenrod Pier, so you'll see the inside resemble the one in FRLG. Also, I decided that the house past the Cave will have people who moved to Johto from Hoenn, and there, you'll get an egg with a Hoenn Pokemon in it (when it's worked out, of course) from the grandmother there. Her grandson makes a reference to the story of RSE, with Groudon and Kyogre clashing in Sootopolis, and Rayquaza showing up like in Emerald. So if you didn't know before, Hoenn's being included in this, but when that gets added, there will be a few changes.

    Now to finally get onto Route 35. Oh, and I'm thinking of putting a Trick House there. I'll only be starting some work on it now, with the rest coming from the finishing up of the CBS.
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