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    Formalities are lame and shorten our lives, so I'll just say I'd like into the club. I've been a shiny hunter for two years, but the most has come out of the last one after I found out about chaining last summer. I trade sometimes in the trade forums-
    If you wanna know anything further, honestly, just VM me.

    I've always hated hatching eggs, but I decided to take just one stab at the Masuda Method; as of yesterday, I was some 160-odd eggs into Cherubi. I haven't yet added in the ones I've hatched today. It's ridiculously slow-going, and releasing pokemon is a waste of time. Oh well-

    On the side, I'm leveling my shiny Crawdaunt to 50; the Cherubis get in the way of me finishing and diligently working on that, though (as easy of a goal as it is).
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