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Originally Posted by Krazy_Meerkat View Post
Awww come on Kurausu, it took considerably more effort to make the trees look like that.
I prefer the cross-hatch pattern I've used because when you move on the map, the trees look much more natural as opposed to a bunch of rectangular arrangements with identical tree-lines..
Yeah I know what you mean about the bike but please, it's the only 8-way bike ever seen in a pokemon game, I made that sprite as best I could, and when you move around, it is very seemless. The turning seems a little un-realistic but I couldn't care less.. I got the desired effect..
Title screen now updated! Yay, this game doesn't look like a joke anymore :D
For spriting news, I edited the FR/LG trainer sprites for misty and brock in the title, I'm quite happy with the result :)
Don't be offended i wasn't trying to be mean or anything. I agree that the Bike is probably the first in a pokemon game and i commend you for making it look unique. I shouldn't actually judge it yet because that fact is i haven't seen it INGAME yet so that's probably why it looks awkward. The trees sorta look like the anime, but i just don't like the way they are. I like your game and i'm not trying to look like your doing a bad job, you're doing a excellent job, everyone's taste is different and i was just telling you what i disliked.
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