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    Welcome to the world of Pokemon, 4000 yr's ago

    Made with RPG marker Xp

    - Pokemon + Fansty
    - expore the new region callled ''unnamed''
    - vist all 4 offical regions 4000 yr's ago
    - cast magic
    - make your own pokeballs
    - skills
    - quests
    - aliens invade the world
    - Time Travel
    - Train Pokemon
    - Hunt Pokemon
    - Pokemon Ranger
    - Pokemon VS alines
    - battle pokemon with 4th Gen style
    - mining
    - no pokemon centres
    - cooking
    - fishing
    - Gym's
    - possibly might became an MMO

    there isn't much of a story just lots of quest
    you begin your adventre like most fansty games on a unknow place of land and walk around

    coming soon

    Me- Leader
    Freak A-mapper
    need more members

    after region is complete and a few quest are added
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