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Originally Posted by balkj06 View Post
nice video,

but, It was too much fire-red for me and not anime like
misty wasn't actally the leader (one that day)
and Ash was going to get the badge and not battle Misty was upset about that so she challged Ash to a proper gym battle so he could propley earn the badge

so you should make Firered Misty be more like Anime Misty
I could do that, but then you couldn't battle the Sensational Sisters for more experience. But I wouldn't be against that.

Anyone else have an opinion on this? Let me know if you'd rather Ash come in, talk to the Sisters, have them try to give him a badge, then Misty suddenly appear to stop them and battle him as Gym Leader; or if it should stay as it, with battling the 3 Sisters as you make your way up to Misty and then having it continue as it does in the video.

I'll make it whichever way public demand dictates.

Originally Posted by Number Prince View Post
Actually, the Misty Sprite looks like the Anime Misty Sprite.
This Hack is set as a RPG Typed Hack, how do you except this to not look like
FR like?

Good vid, BTW, Metapod.
If you need help on Editing the OW Sprites, I'm here to help!

Also, is Staryu and Starmie the only Pokemon that Misty has during
the real Anime Gym Battle?
Thanks for the offer! If I can think of anything I'll let you know. Yes, in the Anime Misty battles Ash with only Staryu and Starmie.

Originally Posted by Pokemon12345678901 View Post
Impressive, but some of the trainer and overworld sprites look funny.
If you post something specific I will try at some point to make it better.

Originally Posted by ~Watermelon View Post
This looks great!

There's a tile error on this screenshot.
Ah, I see it. It's the bottom right tree. I fixed it, thanks.
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