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    Hey, thanks everyone for reading, even those whose comments were deleted. I do plan on continuing it but considering how slow I tend to write when not under a deadline, who knows when. Against some wishes it seems, I may get the next chapter for one of my other fanfics done first, before this, but we'll see. I have part 2 of this completely planned out though, so yeah.

    Originally Posted by Neo Groudon
    Wow, and I thought my fic deserved an R rating. Your fic here takes the R rating to a whole new level.
    Bah, I could do worse. I know because I have. Maybe not in sheer, raw gore, but to me the psychological aspect is just as important and due to the deadline I was under and this being an entirely new thing for me, I couldn't quite get that down as I'd like here.

    Originally Posted by Neo Groudon
    Isn't it a bit repetitive?
    Yes, it is. I have no idea how that snuck past me. I have changed the second sentence to:

    "Riolu didn't want to just stand still and watch without acting again either, sprinting forward and leaping over the bound bird as she flipped through the air, sailing toward the approaching mower."
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