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*NOTE* Hello, as I promised, I would release a thread for my hack.
For those of you who have not seen Pokemon Eruption before, or ever heard of it, please read the rest of this thread.

Cheap Introduction:
I am cooley! I started off just like you new guys, confused, and full of questions. So I started with hacking Gold. Apparently I would love to return to hacking Gold someday, but after I complete this project.
If you like hacks, you'll sure like this one. I don't really brag about my hack, but I can conlude from all the feedback, that it is a good one. My hack is not just a hack, it's a collection of ideas, a big CEO survey of other hacks, and some drama from real life. Yes, I get some of my ideas from real life situations...So??

Since I've released a BETA I've been getting really good feedback from other members of PC (Aside from Bugs ). I was surprised myself, because most of the events I made, I felt I could've done better. You guys have made me feel really good about hacking, and because of that I'd love to finish this hack, and make it just as you like it, really good with a cherry on top.
[The intro could've been better, but meh]

Information on this hack

Rom base: Pokemon FireRed (U)
Started: Early 2009
State: BETA v2.1 has been released to public.

What this hack is about

Imagine yourself in Silver's shoes. Yes, Silver from the Pokemon Gold/Silver and Pokemon Chronicles. You're a fourteen-year old boy born, and raised in Johto. You used to be a bad kid, but ever since you're fight with Jimmy(also from the Gold/Silver) at age thirteen, you've changed.

Now, in that decision to change, you'd like to start over. You're mom still thinks that it's 'exciting' to get you're first Pokemon, but why wouldn't she? She loves the new you! Well, you think it would be like the Pokemon show's on TV, where everything runs smooth. But in an effort to get your first Pokemon, you discover another Evil Organization, Team Knox!

They want to control every single Pokémon in the world, to make cash, dollars, yen, euro, etc. Either way you put it, it all comes down to money. They want to make the world fear them, and by doing that they become all-powerful. You see them stealing CYNDAQUIL at Walby Cave terrace, then and there you secretly made up your mind. You want to stop them at all costs! Your goal (without being told, in-game) is to stop them from gaining control of the Legendary Pokemon on an exciting adventure with tons of scripts, jaw-dropping events, and eye teasing tiles in Pokémon Eruption!

But that's not all folks, if more of the story were to be discussed it simply wouldn't be called a story. It would be a summary.
The story is just a general idea of what happens and why some things happen. However, MOST of the story gets expained hand-in-hand with the events that take place. How's that for epic?

There's a reason why I have these Awards.

Why you should be interested in this game

Newest feature:

Play as Silver!
Experience a Hack, where the plot is ridiculously mind-blowing
Experience New scripts and events!, all in a
Brand new region; SéNJO
Battle with New rivals, and friends!
Travel through SéNJO with stunning tiles!
Mini-Quests to keep you busy.
Maps designed to look and feel real!
Field Moves to unlock new areas
POWER HOUSES in place of Gyms, Plays significant role in Plot!
-Tons of more features, but all reserved, for you to play!

Updated when new updates are available!

Also, not all screens are displayed here. Please peruse the thread for more exciting screens!
Most Recent:

Older, but somewhat considered Recent:

More Videos on the way!

Time to get your Pokemon!

Cyndaquil Event

New Tiles and Music!

The Legend of the four Ambers!

Why isn't this working?

Cyndaquil evolves when you receive the national dex.
This is to ensure a balanced party, rather than one lvl 40 Typhlosion and lvl 5 pidgeys.
The game was designed to play as a Male (Silver), so pick male and choose Silver as a name


Running shoes does not work in some areas.
Some moderate script errors
Some minor script errors
Text mispellings/grammar errors
Start Menu background error on the bottom text

Cyndaquil OW too big
Walby Town tileset error on entering Route 1
No Silver Running shoes frames

I would like to thank...

NiKaNoRoU - Exclusive spriter for Eruption
WesleyFG - tiles
Zeikku (Jake) - Paul OWs and battle sprite
Alistair - tiles, sprites
Kyledove - tiles, sprites
HackMew - Improved Titlescreen, and some ASM routines used in hack, silver trainer sprite
Binary - Very nice maps
Løcke - Very nice maps
Munchlax(TM) - BETA TESTER
Heartless Sora - BETA TESTER Too busy
LU-HO - creator of Advance map
FriendsRoxYourSox(Xaveon) - Backsprites of Silver
Magnius - Music documents are a huge help!
Spherical Ice - Button images in Intro
~Arcade Star~ - Beautiful silver OWs
Raibaru and Ichrio Kazuki - HG/SS Starter indexed sprites
Pokestick - Team Knox HQ maps, also makes some maps for me
Coronis - Knox Admin Battle sprite (edited by me)
BalladOfWindFishes -
Knox Admin OW
diegoisawesome - DP font for FireRed Patch

Wow where can I play this?

ALPHA v0.7: Download
ALPHA v1.1: Download
*NEW*BETA v2.1: Download
BETA 2.1.6 - Bug fix patch/ Download (Ends after the Paul incident)
->The hack is best played on "Medium" speed font. Can be adjusted in the Options Menu, >in-game.
It makes the events more realistic and life-like.

I wanna support this..How can I?

Made by -Sonic~Boom-

HTML Code:

Also made by -Sonic~Boom-

HTML Code:


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