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    Originally Posted by PI Hudson View Post
    It works like this
    -When you enter a map, it looks for level scripts
    -In Oaks Lab, the script your looking for is #2
    -If it is a #2 or 4 script, it looks at the Variable Flag (for this, it is 4055)
    -It checks that this Variable for its Value (set previously, default is 0000) and if it isn't equal to the number given in the Map script, it doesn't activate. But if it is equal, it does activate.
    (if MAP-VALUE>VAR-VALUE=not activate, if MAP-VALUE<VAR-VALUE=not activate, if MAP-VALUE=VAR-VALUE=activate)

    In the script tile that we step on in Pallet Town to activate the script, we see this.

    This means the next time we enter the Oaks Lab, the script will activate.

    But, why doesn't it activate again?
    In the Oaks Lab Level script, we observe this

    This make it so you don't see this script again until the Var Value is equal again.

    People kind of act the same way, but with flags.

    Thanks for explaining that.I looked into it and seen it had something to do with the variable 4055,but i couldnt figure it all out.
    I laugh looking at this.

    But sometimes I want to come back to it...