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    Wow, I...really didn't expect this kind of reaction. Again, immense thanks to everyone who has taken the time to read, especially for those who have gone further and taken the time to reply. I really wasn't expecting to get as big a reaction as I have.

    Originally Posted by Sparkling Dragon
    I just loved seeing the Pokemon getting picked off one by one. (I'm sick like that)
    So am I. So am I... Being probably the biggest saddist I know likely has something to do with that.

    Originally Posted by Sparkling Dragon
    You know, I've seen so many fics where Pokemon just pop out, do their attacks or whatever, and vanish again. But even in those that don't, very few authors give all their characters (including Pokemon) individual personalities. So that, to me, is one sign of a masterful author. Kudos to you.
    Giving the Pokemon personalities is something I do in pretty much everything I write. I don't know why, but I just can't accept that Pokemon are simply animals and nothing else. To me, they're fully sentient and sapient beigns who, for the most part, have the same thought capacity as the average human. Because of this, the individual personalities of Pokemon is something that is vital to me in all my stories.

    Originally Posted by Sparkling Dragon
    Logic Nazi on the loose. Perhaps "floating" might be a better choice, but pfft.
    Nah, don't worry about pointing stuff like that out. That particular error must have snuck past me due to the pressures of the approaching deadline, leading me to skimp on my proofreading of the ending. It shall be changed...

    Originally Posted by Skunter
    I'd like to say there's just something missing, but then it might just be me...
    Heh, probably the lack of a point behind all of it. There's really no reason behind the story at all, the stuff just happens. Unfortunately, that was sort of an unavoidable side-effect of my idea behind the story. I simply wanted something that would take my already existing yet private splatter/sadistic writing skills and turn it into something which I could put out for the public at large. At the same time, I wanted to experiment with using this specfific writing style, having before also been used only for my relatively private writing, in a more public fic. Thirdly, I simply wanted to experiment with the concept of the horror-themed darkfic in general, adapting something relatively innocent in official canon (the Old Chateau and the ghosts, namely Rotom, that reside within it) to a much darker and even outright evil interpretation. The downside of all that is that it didn't really leave much room for an actual meaningful plot, especially within the one week time constraint.
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