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Im Pretty badly stuck here, could someone please help me...allow me to explain my problem...

I am hacking myself a new pokemon game and have just begun, im using my very basic scriting knowledge and using the latest version of xse. i made the player wake up at the start of the game in a cave just above an old lady but am having a few major problems, the first of which comes in advance map..
when i place a sprite of a person into the room it will not appear in the visual boy or have any action within it, even when a script has been applied, please give me some pointers for a possible fix
number 2 comes from xse and advance map i think, i mad a script to stop anyone leaving the room without first choosing 1 of 2 pokemon, you are ment to walk onto the script and be pushed 1 step back, with a message to appear saying , maby i should talk to the old lady first...
so i made a script which i will include...but when i attach to the script to a script tile in advance map and play the game, if i walk on the script tile before it has been bypassed by a flag the game freezes, alough the music still plays on a low quality please help and i hope i have not written waaaay to much

#Dynamic 0x800000
#org @start
checkflag 0x828
if 0x0 goto @hey!
if 0x1 goto @end
#org @hey!
msgbox @icant 0x6
applymovement 0xFF @back
waitmovement 0x0
#org @icant
= Maby I should talk with/nThe old lady first
#org @back
#raw 0x0D 0xFE
#org @end