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    I have to agree with you Dragochamp and I mentioned Im a noob scripter but it doesn't mean I don't know a few advanced scripting techniques. I plan to look around the for similar scripts that are free to use with credits, Then I plan to modify them slightly to implement the features I plan to have. Its basically going to be a duplicate of the Health system used for the pokemon except it will monitor the player as opposed to the pokemon. I feel the main problem will be the status screen. I believe I mentioned to display your status you will have to use the PokeCOM and choose it from there. I think adding that into the PokeCOM will be the more difficult portion of this......... Im trying not to promise to much and Functions are not 100% finalized as well it is one of the features I am debating on. I happen to be strongly pulled towards adding it due to the fact that it would add that sense of realism into the game and I think it greatly needs it as all games do need something to make the layer feel like part of the game. I plan to add many more funtions more so less complex ones but none the less all to make the player feel like they are actually part of the game. I plan to have several plot twists as well. You will meet various Johto/Hoenn/Kanto/Sinnoh trainers and NPC's one of which I am going to add in later is a youthful yet very emotional Cyrus, and as part of the game I have made up a back story for the way he acts in Sinnoh as well the birth of Team Galactic will take place in my region as well. No they will not be a threat as there wil be very few Team Galactic members in the game and they are not one of the two Primary Syndicates I am focusing on. But none the less I plan to try and explain several things such as Flint and Volkner's tight friendship and various other things. What happened to the G/S/C heros after Johto and Ash (Not Red) will be appearing with Brock and maybe Misty in the region as trainers and their motive is to compete in the Mauyo league. Im not revealing everything however and I have much more in store. I don't want to take to large a bite however and end up spending the next 4 years in development. I plan to take 1-2 years max to have a full release of the game. Yes great things take time but hopefully not that great a time. My overall goal is the satisfaction of a great story with many unexpected twists and awesome graphics.
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