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    Name: Willow 'Will' Marinier
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Willow is to say the least a very stubborn girl. She doesn't like to do what she's told, on the contrary, she's rather do the exact opposite. So, in a way, reverse psychology works just fine. She has no patience whatsoever. No, waiting is definitely not her feature. She likes to believe she is tough even though she's not really. She's very emotional and tends to let her emotions lead her and not her brains. She cries easily, but she will try to hide it from anyone she's with.
    If you first meet her she might be a bit overwhelming at first. She is a very cheerful and optimistic person, always trying to see the good side of any situation. She is also very oblivious to some things, like too subtle comments and hints. She's not the brightest person in the world and she knows this. She is good with people though, people usually get the impression that she's cute because of her cheerful gingerness and her tininess. Either that or that she's a weak little girl. Obviously she prefers the first one.
    Will also likes to be informed. She is known to budge into conversations and demanding to be informed. She hates being kept in he dark about something, and will be persistent to know what's going on, something people often find annoying about her. If she doesn't get what she want, she might revert to pouty lips and puppy eyes.

    Her battle style is very specified. As in, she trains her Pokemon to specialize in a certain style, like double battles, long ranged battles, endurance battles. This way, the more Pokemon she has, the more she'll be prepared for different kinds of situations. Also, she tries to expand a Pokemon's most natural area, like Scyther's speed or Onyx's defense. Her entire battle style is all very planned out and she doesn't lie to be left in the dark. When something happens that wasn't supposed to happen she'll take a while to readjust her strategy. So basically if something happens that she didn't foresee she;ll have a hard time coming back.

    Appearance: Willow is a ginger in all the sense of the word. She has wavy orange hair that is layered and shoulderlegth, no bangs. It's usually parted to the side. Her pale face has freckles all over it and her arms. She is a petite girl with a small chest a smaller waist and a hight counting a total of 1m50. Her eyes are a pale blue, almost grey, but not in the cold sense.
    Now her clothing. She wears a white gypsy-like top with puffy sleeves pulled across her arms, leaving her shoulders bare. Under that she wears a green skirt with yellow plaid pattern. Her shoes are black flats with a little strap across the foot. She carries her things in a round, black shoulder bag with Pokeball slots across the strap. Inside the bag is a white spaghetti-strap tanktop, a wool black sweater and long blue pants.

    History: Willow had always been quite an impulsive person and one without any patience. If it were up to her she would have started an adventure when she was 10. She was born to an average family, middleclass and an only child. Her mother didn't want to let her go so young so she enrolled in a local trainer school for the time being. She had objected of course, but her mother wouldn't budge. And so she stayed in school until this very moment.
    She wasn't a particularly popular child, but she was well-liked by the other kids. Always looking younger than she actually was, people mistoo her for a freshman quite often. But no matter how many times she had to explain she was actually older than she looked, she was always nice and never snapped at anyone. That just wasn't the way she was.
    As the years went by others went away on journeys, she always stayed behind. So in the end she turned out very skilled with Pokemon, she had plenty of practice. And even though she never had her own Pokemon, she practiced with the school's custom ones. But she finally made the choice to go on a journey. She was 16 and she had been ready for a while. Now was the time to go.

    Post Sample:
    “I hate snow!” Cornelia shouted it uselessly towards the sky. Why was it necessary to go up this f-ing mountain again? Oh, right. Ah challenge. Well screw that challenge. She wanted to just turn around and walk back to Mt. Coronet. Why not? It’s not like it was that necessary to have that badge anyway. But it was. Which was the worst part.
    She did buy shoes for the occasion, brown boots meant to keep her feet snug and warm. They weren’t very pretty, and likely to be discarded as soon as possible, but they did their job for now. Her coat, however, wasn’t winning the fight against the freezing wind. And even though she was wearing brown blue earmuffs and a blue scarf, her face was still freezing. Bloody weather.

    A wild Sneasel appeared from the tall grass, which didn’t help Cornelia’s situation.“GO AWAY! I don’t have the BLOODY time to fight you, you stupid little RODENT! Go AWAY” fortunately for the poor Sneasel, he listened to the obviously agitated teenager. As quickly as possible the Pokémon retreated back into the snow.
    “Why don’t I have any damned ice Pokémon?! Aside from a useless little Spheal! What good is he going to do for me? He can’t even freaking WALK! Ugh!” And so her little tantrum continued, and she just went on walking talking to herself.

    The snow prevented her from seeing an awful lot, and to make matters worse, she had no idea where she was going. All she knew was that she was following the trail of trees, not entirely entering the forest. The map said that if you just followed the edge of the forest, the city should come into view soon enough. Well, soon was not enough for Cornelia. And stupid Pokémon kept deciding to show their ugly faces. Why couldn’t they just leave her alone? It’s as if they liked to make her miserable! Maybe they did, who knew. All Cornelia knew was that she needed to get out of the bloody weather and into the bloody Pokémon Center so she could freshen up. This simply couldn’t go on. Too bad she didn’t have a Fire Pokémon either. Too f-ing bad. Or she would have had them clear out a path for her, or at least keep her warm. She didn’t really care about anything right now other than herself. Her Pokémon were snugly in their Luxury Balls, nothing too good for them. They didn’t have to endure the icy cold. Maybe they should, maybe she should just let them go for the hell of it. No. Spheal would like that too much. He was such a bloody annoying Pokémon. Why did she catch him again? Right. His evolutions were good. But for now he was just bloody annoying.
    Leafeon wasn’t any help either with her damned weakness for ice, and her Persian would just be mad at her. Mau was so difficult lately. Ever since she evolved she had a shorter temper. It’s not like their team could use another short tempered one. Cornelia was more than enough for all of them.

    Finally, some lights became visible. Faintly at first, barely noticeable through the snow, but there nevertheless.
    “Hey, you over there! Wanna battle?!”
    “NO,” was the only answer the trainer got. Cornelia did not want to battle. All she wanted is warmth. Too bad for the girl, she just had to wait a bit for the next unfortunate trainer to come by. The lights got brighter and brighter. Was she imagining it, or was it getting warmer. Nah, it was probably just imagined. Either way, imagined or real, the tiny shift in temperature was nice anyway. She could almost envision the warmth once she entered the Pokémon Center. She would go to the nearest shop selling food, grab herself a coffee and perhaps a salad, or a donut. Or both. And settle herself in a nice warm room in the Center. This sounded like a plan. A damn good plan if you asked her. And so she arrived in Snowpoint, half starved, half frozen and still swearing under her breath every now and then.

    But, contrary to what she believed, the warmth of the Center was not at all pleasant. No, it felt like walking into a board, her entire body ached. She hadn’t noticed how cold she had been before this moment, even her toes, believed to be snugly warm, were screaming.
    “would you like a room?” The woman at the counter smiled nicely at her.
    “What do you expect, yes, I want a room. A warm room, thank you very much. And stop smiling, it’s making me cringe,” she snapped at the kind woman, who stopped smiling. She grabbed the keys out of the woman’s hand and marched out into the cold again. She half-raced towards the nearest shop and bought herself a warm French Vanilla coffee, a Caesar Salad and a honey donut. She also bought some food for her Pokémon and raced back to the Pokémon Center. Even that short distance gave her a slap in her face once she reentered the building.
    She didn’t look at the woman at the counter again, and instead marched right up her room. After taking one look around the rather small room she hung her wet clothing to dry and changed into a black wool sweater and some new jeans.

    “That.. Was.. Delicious.” Cornelia licked her fingers to taste the last bit of honey. It truly was a delicious meal. And the coffee had warmed her right up. Now what.
    Her little creatures were also done with their food, and Nico was already rolling annoying little circles. He liked that. It didn’t help that he was as round as a beachball either. Strange little Pokémon. Mau was sleeping on her bed., the ground wasn’t good enough for her, and was snoring audible. Melot was licking the last crumbs from her bowl. Maybe she ought to do some training before challenging the gym? Nah, she doubted Mau was really up to it. Plus, she wasn’t either. No way she was going out in these circumstances again. Not before a good night’s rest. So instead she went down, leaving her Pokémon in her room, and went to read a book in the Center’s seating area.

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