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I would really like to appologize for posting on the play thread, Jeebz did it and I thought it was okay.

Name: Ian M. O'Connor "Nathaniel"
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Personality: Ian is a very agressive person when it comes to, well pretty much anything. He is always confident in himself, almost to a point of pride, but his confidence has paid out in much of his life. Although he may be independent in many things, such as pokemon battles, he loves to make new friends. Friendship is a very important thing in Ian's life, he wouldn't know where he would be without the experiences from his childhood friends. Once he has made a friend, he will tend to joke around alot. He is very funny and a joking about almost anything, however he is also capable of being serious. He will often challenge his friends to almost anything new he attempts, and loves competition. His confidence often helps him win battles, but when he loses he is crushed. He will need to learn more from losing in a pokemon battle before he is able to accept losses more easily. Until then he will remain a trainer that is strong and confident, as will his pokemon. Ian hates and fears spiders and spider pokemon are by far the worst for him. So he has a hard time dealing with bug pokemon. His favourite elements are lightning and ice, and he loves both those types of Pokemon. He gets cold very easily, preferring warm weather. But when it comes to a challenge he will brave anything to win.
Appearance: Ian is a very good looking eighteen year old boy. His hair is somewhere in between a perfect blonde hair and bright golden hair. The former is reached when it is perfectly dry, and the latter is reached when he has very wet hair. He never wears a hat, but constantly keeps it spiked up on the top about two inches up from front to back, kind of like a Caesar, spiked hair, or sometimes a phaux hawk. His bright, light blue eyes match up perfectly with his hair. He has a normal straight curved nose with a small mouth, and oval shaped ears. He is somewhat skinny, but this is due mostly to his body type. In the last few years he has been working out and building quite a bit of muscle on his chest and arms. He is almost never caught without some pair of blue jeans out in the wild. He has several alone in his backpack ranging from light blue to dark blue, and all shades in each. He also likes to wear T-shirts (black, white, brown, blue), and sometimes with a light, dark blue jacket with orange and white stripes running through the upper chest area/shoulders. Other times with a cyan farmers shirt jacket, black shirt jacket or a slightly furry beige shirt jacket. When the cold/rainy weather roles around, he wears a dark blue thick hooded sweater or his favourite dark brown leather jacket. Ian always wears grey airwalk skateboarding shoes, with black and white stripes running along it. He carries a grey backpack and a black laptop case around with him, both of which have pokeball holders.
Ian was born and raised in Celadon City. His mother was names Susanne, she was a nurse at the local hospital, and his father was a chiropractor and also did chiropractic for pokemon sometimes as well. His parent’s beliefs and morals made him into the proud and confident young man he is today. He has always spent his life around pokemon, while in school or in Celedon. He also has seen a few encounters in the wild with his father, although he never really got into pokemon.

While he we starting grade school he really started to experience pokemon. Many students and friends of his had pokemon and he had none, prefering to stick to his studies and his work. But he couldn't help but feel left out sometimes. Brady had an evee, Thomas had a growlithe, and kyle had a pidgey. All there parents had boughten their children a pokemon, but Ian never asked his parents for any. His parents taught him that paying for everything you want was an important thing in life, and since he had little money and so many things to buy he decided not to buy any.

One day he came home from school and decided he had had enough of all the kids and their pokemon. He pulled out a magazine to look at all the different pokemon in the world. He scrolled down and his eye was caught by one pokemon in particular, Raichu. He decided that if he ever got a pokemon, it would be that one. But until he could get the money for it and still pay for school, he would have to wait.

At the closing of grade 11, his father got a machop to help with his chiropractic career, and taught him how to do chiropratic. He was oftena round the house when his dad was home and as a result Ian got more and more pokemon thrown in his life. He was starting to get annoyed but when he hung out with machop or did anything with it such as house work he had a really good time and started to enjoy it. When he asked his parents if he could take it to school they said "no" because they needed him for work.

One night Ian was having a dream about pokemon and woke up from it knowing he had to get one. He found an extra job working for a paper money during the very, very early mornings. He was always tired for school and his grades started to drop, but he knew it would be worth it for a pokemon.

When Ian finally finished High School, he had passed with a decent grade. He had enough money to last him a few months so he decided to take a few years off and travel. When he heard of Professor Oak handing out pokemon for beginner trainers in Pallet Town, he told his parents. He showed them the money he had made to keep him afloat and that he really wanted a pokemon. So he packed up his things and bought a train ticket to pallet town, and he never looked back.

Post Sample: Journey Across the Old World- Part 1:Nuln. On, one of the longest running RPG's it has.
I am bladeweaver_56.

Haldariad stepped into the muddened streets of what the Humans called the city of Nuln. The closest Empire city to that of Athel Loren, it surely wasn't the cleanest, and this disgusted Haldariad. This is what using wood and natural resources did to society, they became lazy and trash built up everywhere. Simple needs, and no polluting or using too much wood, left Athel Loren tame, majestic and beautiful. He hadn't been gone from its sacred borders for more then a fort night and already, he missed it. Standards out here were limited, as were untainted forests.

He regreted ever leaving Athel Loren, but it wasn't by his choice either. It was by his mistake and failure that he was out here. He almost chuckled to himself, as he remembered a friend from decades past. He almost felt like a slayer, his long friend Hargolin who helped him defeat a vampire. He still had yet to help him find his noble death as he had promised. After the defeat of the beastmen at the village, the party seemed to scatter, and only Hargolin and Haldariad were left. Even they seperated paths after Haldariad led him back to the fortress of Karak-a-Norn. Still why he came to the filthy lands of the empire was a mystery to him. Even these streets seemed to make the rundown, peasant infested towns of Brettonian look like a haven to all. It was more of his Elven curosity that had led him to this far land. Over his lifetime he had travelled around Brettonia, aiding them from a major Skaven invasion at Quennelles and Brionne, and the recent vampire hunt. With alot of time on his hands, he wanted to explore the whole world, and so he decided to start where the so called center of the world, or at least old world, was.

He continued down the old, beat-up brick road. It seemed to go more uphill, just slightly as he entered the town. He was surprised to hear Nuln was renowned for their sewer system here. If that were true, he would probably pass out in any other major empire city. It continued to rain and poor even harder then before. Ever since he had left Athel Loren the weather had been poor for him. Rain drenched his coat, and the cold windy mountain cross over nearly cost him his life. He was lucky enough to find a secret passage over not too many knew about. A major pass would have caused trouble and possibly put him in danger. Wolves had slowed down his progress, and a few goblins had even annoyed him enough to make him personally see to all of their deaths.

To coutner the rain, he lifted his hood overtop of his head. He felt really uncomfortable about this. His spiked up hair always got caught in it and it messed his hair up from time to time. Ontop of that, as if being an elf wasn't enough, he looked a whole foot taller. Overally though, it was a better deal for him. The rain would wash away all the purple berry juice and sap used to hold up his hair. To lose it now, would be a bad idea, as he would guess treesap and natural berries were scarce in Nuln. Under his cloak, he let his fingers slide across the handles of his Blades of the Shadow Glade. They were heavier then usual, but ever since he had left Athel Loren, it seemed it had been. He guessed the power was less effective as he distanced himself from Athel Loren, or his sullen mood slowly made it heavier. He felt on his back his spear from the Shadow Glade was still there as well. He didn't feel right having these blades still. They should have stayed back in Athel Loren for the next Lord of the Wardance. But like many of the recent events he had no choice in the matter.

As the rain continued to poor harder and harder, Haldariad decided inside might be better at this point. Outside of Athel Loren, he was still subseptable to many diseases from the street and a cold from the rain. He looked around with his elven eyes and spotted what appeared to be a drinking establishment called the "Blind Pig." He walked towards it, and right before entering it, he checked his cloak and boots. The very ground of Nuln showed markings of mud all over his elven cloak. He stood still in the rain, waiting for it to get washed off, without tracking mud onto it. Then he moved more quicker then a normal elf would and entered the Blind Pig.

The door slammed hard behind him, alot of the men in the building turned to look at him. Many must have had suspicions of him as an elf, and he was greatful he had his hood on that hid what would ahve given it completely away. The fire gave his face a glow that made it hard to destinguish his features. Eventually all the men quieted down and returned to look at their tables. Haldariad moved towards the bar, and conversed with the the owner of the "Blind Pig." His name was Heinz, a jolly and rather large man. Haldariad tried to avoid small talk, and moved towards a booth in the corner of the room. The window with the brightmoon light behind him would cover up his face even more.

He watched how the men of this side of the grey mountains acted. They enjoyed themself much like elves, but were much more foolish and stupid when drunk, and would commit acts many would find appoling. He decided to buy an ale from the bar. Outside of brettonia, he had never had human ale. As he sipped it down, he was surprised. For Human ale, it went down pretty well. It was no elf ale, but for a race that once lived in caves, he had to give them credit for it. The Brettonians were more renowned for their wine anyway.

After his ale was finished, he glanced once more across the room trying to recognize the faces of anyone he might know. As he followed across, two faces immediately stood out. Grotek and Felix. A dwarf and a man who had once led a force of dwarves from Karak-a-Norn upon Athel Loren that Haldariad defended against with his wardancers. Haldariad lost many wardancers, and the stalemate led the the dwarves reluctantly falling back to their keep. Haldariad would not forget a face like him, and he and Groteks had a personal grudge against one another. He remembered his vow to him that day. One day he would see to fullfilling the dwarf's goal in life.

Amongst the crowed he saw a face he didn't expect. Another slayer, just as cheerful, as if not having seen a friend in ages. His scar from shoulder to leg gave it away, and his missing eye, but all slayers were different. They each had their own... unique details to them. He could have sworn that the dwarf was Hargolin, from the vampire hunt in Brettonia. He removed his hood and walked behind Groteks, "Didn't think i'd see you in this lifetime Hargolin," he said with a grin. Everyone at the table turned to look at him. He and Groteks imediately locked eyes with one another.

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