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Originally Posted by Bozster View Post
Sorry to bug you again but can you run me through the Tile Molester bit, please?
When I load my image, it retains its palette and when I try to load it on Unlz.gba, its all screwed up. Can I have some help?

PS Oh, wait, does the tileset have to be in an 8x8 grid?
The image retains its palette? You did load the palette you saved through VBA, didn't you? But if you mean that it retains its palette after you have loaded the image in unLZ, that's correct. It only loads the image, not the palette. That's why I use TileMolester to make a .raw file out of the tilemap, and not import it directly into unLZ as an image, because the colors will look all messed up. It's because the image as you see it in VBA has different colors than the one you can edit with unLZ. It's some sort of ASM routine.
And the screwed up part may be because the image has the wrong codec. You see, TileMolester has several different codecs that it can use to display images. If you don't select the right one, the image will end up looking like a glitch. For R/S/E, you will need the 8bpp linear codec, because it's a 256 color image. (If it were FR/LG, you would need 4bpp linear.)
Also, yes, it has to be an 8x8 grid, because the games use 8x8 tiles, too. Just look at VBA's Tile Viewer, and you'll see.
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