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Originally Posted by DragoChamp View Post
In case you didn't know, and it seems that alot of people persistantly dont want to pay attention, this it NOT and I repeat NOT a hack. It even says that at the front page and the whole fact that this is the Game Development section NOT ROM Hacking, it means that this has nothing to do with hacks. So by this and some usage of the 8% of the brain humans use, we can deduct that this game cannot be played on VBA since VBA loads Roms and this is NOT Rom Hacking or anything related to it.

Why can't you people simply get this small, simple yet important fact?
Dude you need to calm down shut up (s)he just asked a simple question.
Anyone I REPEAT anyone could have not known if they are new to this section.


Amazing game!
I cannot wait to see the finished product.