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Originally Posted by alo123 View Post

The professor walks right through him

It says totdile instead of cyndaquil

All the people above this post freeze the game when you talk to them

If you talk to the professor on the side you walk through the sign and wall

Bugs I found

btw the events were great I lol'ed at the guy talking about
how he saved money on his car insurance right when the
professor was talking
I was disappointed it ended so early but cant wait for the next
Well, I'm trying to fix the first one.
The second screen about totodile, is not a bug. They have to really go out and find all the totodile Lol
The people that freeze, they've all been given scripts
And the event by Walby Cave, has been remade to be bugless.

Originally Posted by 874521
Does this have a 4th gen pokes because it's really good!
Well, no not really. Or I havent decided yet. But how does that make it more fun? Unless you mean 4th gen to make events...

Btw, here are some updates.
Gary? Why is he there???
(Overworld has been replaced with the original ASH sprite)
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