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    [Ooooh, I'd like to join! Dark types are really cool!

    Username on PC: Bijou-chan
    Why You would like to join: Dark-types are one of my favorites! =3
    What your partner is: Umbreon
    His/her nickname(optional): Umbri [male]
    Favourite Dark type attack: Dark Pulse, it never misses!

    And one thing I can do, I can see in the Dark.

    Hmm, maybe if I can be a co-owner if that's okay? I'll try to help out as much as I can. C=]

    These are topics we have already discussed, so we can't repeat them anymore, unless there is a good reason.
    Is Darkrai a good enough Legendary for the for Dark types?

    Did you know that there are no gyms dedicated to dark types in any region? But there are 2 elite 4 members in Johto & hoenn? Do you think this is fair?

    If you could change a Pokemon to make it part Dark-type or a pure Dark-type, which one[s] would it be?

    If you could make a new Dark Pokemon/legendary, what would it be? Try to be creative, here!

    What would you like to see in the upcoming social group for 'As Dark As Night'?

    Invent a Dark-type move!

    With Sableye and Spirtiomb being part Dark-type, and having no weakness, do you think this is fair?

    Who's your favorite Dark Character not from Pokemon and why?

    Ideas for Events in the SG guys?
    What would you like to see?
    The group needs a little upgrading!

    f we have a 5th Generation what would you like to see in the area of Dark Types? New evolutions,Gyms, Pokemon etc.

    If a Dark-type pokmon was about to devour you what would you do?

    If you could pair any two Dark Type Pokemon together, regardless of whether or not they would be in the same breeding category, what would they be?

    If you could match any colour to Dark Types what would it be?

    What will be YOUR main dark type pokemon in your team in HG/SS?

    What is your Partner pokemon's Favourite Brand of Drink,Clothing & anything else you can think of!?

    Where do you think Dark Pokemon will be catchable in HG/SS?

    If one Dark type were to be legendary (other than Darkraai) Who would it be? Don't be biast xD

    If you were a Dark-type Pokemon, who would you be? [Non-battle wise]

    You've been given the chance to recruit your very own real-life Pokemon! Which one would you pick and why? And don't just limit it to stats or battling!

    Is your dark type partner annoying?

    Nintendo has just hired you to design a new game! It can star any one Pokemon, and can be any kind of game you can think of, except a trainer game! What game starring what Pokemon, and what's it like?

    Let's say Game Freak just suddenly erased all DARK TYPES (Those evil people!) Do you think pokemon would be ruined because of the erased Dark-types? Why or Why Not?

    If you could make a two type dark type pokemon what would be the second type nd why? eg. Dark - Fire

    If you could give Ash, Dawn & Brock a different dark type each which ones do you think would suit them?

    Oh no, your partner is captured by team(Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, you name it)! What will you do?

    Are you questioning about why a Pokemon's a Dark-type?

    If someone turned you into a dark type Pokemon, what will you do?

    What do you think of the Dark-type's weaknesses, resistances, and its immunity offensively and defensively? Should they change? Questions?

    The Dark FC are going to a cafe! What do the Pokemon order?

    You get to direct your own movie, starring you and your partner! What's the movie, what roles do you play, and what happens?

    What do you want to do in the ADAN movie(if you don't have a part already)?

    Does your partner has a crush?

    There is a team dedicated to Dark-types planning to take over the world, called Team Darkness. Will you join?

    Extended~Pair~☆Family☆~Theme starring...