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    Awesome tutorial! Thank you so much for writing it, it really helped :D

    I have a problem where the sprites' colours are a tiny bit lost when in game. I took pictures and everything but I can't post them because of the '15 posts or more' thing, so Anyway, the bigger problem:

    For the hero and rival sprites, they both mess up after they are named (after the professor asks you to give a name to them in game). The hero's hair turns green in the highlights and the rival is just completely messed up, except for the skin.

    So I used APE to replace the palettes, but I'm probably doing something wrong--I went to photoshop -> colour table -> save to export the 256 colour palette, then imported that .act file into APE. I know that APE only accepts 16 colours while I'm using 256, so do I have to downgrade the sprite into 16 colour mode or is there some other way to make it not mess up?
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