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    Age: 26
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    Posts: 1,030 I guess I'll join...but you know about my "special situation," and since Pikachu isn't a selectable Partner...

    Name: Dream's Epilogue, or Dream for short.
    Why: You already know, right?
    Active: ...I'm one of the most active TA members. How's that?
    Partner: In the human sense, don't have one. In the *ahem* "other" sense...yeah, I still don't have one.
    Favorite move: I suppose Dark Pulse.

    And as for the password...come on! I can see in the dark?!! Is that the best you can do?!Ah, man, ya gotta make it memorable the first time! Like, "All I see is Blackness...wait, my hood is down." Or, "I'll cross over to the dark side...anyone got a flashlight?"

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