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    Originally Posted by 874521 View Post
    Here's my problem, when I pasted the new intro hero to the old intro hero, the new intro hero losts its true colors.

    It insn't a problem..
    you can chanhe you palettes later..
    al tuo sprite vengono applycate le palette dello sprite base di FR/LG..
    you can change it whit APE
    APE offset:
    Boy intro ------>0046161C
    Rival Intro ---->004623B0
    Prof intro ----->004623B4
    Girl Intro ------>00460EF0

    Originally Posted by zazazazazazaza View Post
    Awesome tutorial! Thank you so much for writing it, it really helped :D

    I have a problem where the sprites' colours are a tiny bit lost when in game. I took pictures and everything but I can't post them because of the '15 posts or more' thing, so Anyway, the bigger problem:

    For the hero and rival sprites, they both mess up after they are named (after the professor asks you to give a name to them in game). The hero's hair turns green in the highlights and the rival is just completely messed up, except for the skin.

    So I used APE to replace the palettes, but I'm probably doing something wrong--I went to photoshop -> colour table -> save to export the 256 colour palette, then imported that .act file into APE. I know that APE only accepts 16 colours while I'm using 256, so do I have to downgrade the sprite into 16 colour mode or is there some other way to make it not mess up?
    Your problem is very common..
    I recommend you to color with the exact colors of the sprite of FR/LG, your sprite..
    in this way you won't have any problem with the colors..

    As it regards to care the colors from Photoshop to APE, it is a wrong thing..
    it doesn't serve..
    it is a part that there is not in the tutorial..
    if you your sprite with the same colors base of FR/LG, then you can change after your palettes with the colors that you prefer..
    == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == == ==
    For everybody
    I advise to always color your sprites with the colors base of the original sprites that you want to replace.
    The colors them you can change subsequently thanks to APE...
    in the first post there are the whole offsets for the sprites.

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