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    I'd like if people don't confuse this with a hack, since I already said twice that it's made with RPG Maker XP, and it's also in the game development section.
    Anyways. The Hygene System is finished but I'm working on the graphics for it. I can't really think of what special design to do. But to keep you less bored I just want to prove that the Pokemon Sprites really are animated. The two images might not mean much to you, but they are not fake.

    And yes the summary is in the bottom screen which means that it is mouse compatible, just click here and there to navigate or use the old fashioned keys.

    EDIT: Notice the snow covered grass patch. This is the one that is going to be in the game since I just realised that the other snow patches were from Kyledove's private tilesets, so I removed them.