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    Originally Posted by agentalexandre12 View Post
    Lol, switching between Giratina's forms are we? :p
    Pshhht....anyways I'm doing what I can to keep the crowd entertained. Any new scripts lately ? Oh and I just realised that we are competing agains Pokemon Origin for the dual screen section. But we might have beaten them in the time taken to acctually fully complete it. I'm also working on a flash movie for the title screen and you'll be the first one to see it.

    P.S. You want me to post the Origin form Summary?

    EDIT: Ok here it is. I wasn't going to show them but

    As you can see (maybe you can't) but the Torn World will act as a new region, since it is huge and has portals leaping everywhere, even between regions.

    This is also to say that PokeMaster Marin is not a part of the Blue Chrome team anymore since he will go along making his own brand new game, which I'm not going to reveal but he is.

    EDIT 2: :O What is this? Frointier badges?