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Now that the argueing has died down a little I think that I can staate this without anyone getting really upset. after readding ALL the comments I think that most people agree on these points. 1 this is a quick way of scriptting it belongs in a different fourm but this is the fourm that suits it most closley. 2 this way will lower the quality of a hack because it is quick and doesn't require a lot of effort to make a hack this way. I am not saying that using this lowers the quality of a hack, I am saying that the easier it is to make a hack, the less effort will put into one and make it so easy that people don't need to study a lot to make a hack. 3 It is useful and can be used fine so long as people put a lot of work into the hack and don't slack off. The reason I don't make a hack is that I don't have the patience to finish it and also I haven't got a plot line. a plot line develops as a hacker learns and puts time into learning. short and simple this document in itself isn't a problem but the factor of difficulty goes down so a person can just sit down and can now make half-hearted hacks. this also goes for all the tools out there, they are useful but they can lead to lazyness.
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