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    Hi I have taken the time to exrtensively rework my entire thread to be more appealing and pleasing to the majority. I am SytheXP also refered to as ScytheXP and Invokez. I am an artist. I paint and sketch many things. I first started on the pokemon scene in 3rd grade. I am now a graduating senior in highschool and a aspiring graphic artist and video game designer. I started with the Pokemon TCG me, my bro, and my sis used place the cards face down and pretend we were in a made up region and we were the newest trainers starting in that region. We would slowly progress through the cards battling and capturing them and then facing one another. Later as we aged we drew various fakemon made movesets and dex entries. 2 years ago I tried my hands at ROM hacking. I had a fairly decent start on my hack and then my computer got fried in a thunder storm and I lost all progress. Later I tried to revamp my hack in the form of a fangame using RGMXP. Sadly I dropped my laptop and the hard drive got messed up so Pokemon Darkside was a flop. Well once again I am here with a project. This time however there is one difference. I will be releasing this project. I have it backed up on 2 other computers incase of a mishap. These other 2 computers don't connect to the internet at all. So no bugs or Lightning to harm them. Anyway I have always loved to draw new fakemon and imagine how they would face up against existing pokemon. Pokemon Phantom Dusk is going to allow you all an insight into not only mine but the rest of my teams creativity. We will bring you thrills, horror, romance, and mystery all in the form of a Pokemon game. And yes I plan to implement various genres as events in the game.

    Also after this release I plan to release 2 alternate versions (Misty Dawn and Hazy Twilight) which will have different pokemon obtainable several alternate forms of the events included in Phantom Dusk. Many new exciting story elements and Hazy Twilight will be equiped with the Battle Platue (My take on the Battle Frontier) and several new and fun mini games.

    The Region

    The Masuyo Region: I renamed the region after the Japanese word Masuyo which means "Benefit" and "World"

    Overworld Map: (Screenie coming soon, working on a custom color pallete)

    The Masuyo region is located South West of Hoenn close to Johto (Yes I repositioned its location). It is a fairly peaceful region with beautiful forests and glorious beaches. It also has a Volcano to the south and a Icy Slope to the north. Overall this is one a fairly perfect place for a vacation and even better place to live.


    Candriff Town: (have to upload the pic)
    Route 1 (have to upload photo)
    Flo-Town (Have to upload photo)
    Route 2 (Have to upload photo)
    Gloraxiuz Town (May be renamed, also have to upload photo)
    Cave of Discipline (Have to upload photo)
    Safari Zone (Have to upload photos)
    Port Aquarius (Under Development)
    Obnniox Town (Making custom magma tiles)
    Vestree City (Under Development)
    31st Town (Making halloween themed tiles)

    (More Towns to come thinking of names)

    Masuyo Folklore and Myths

    "Long ago the realms were created. Time and Space, Land and Water. Balance was bestowed and the universe began its new life. Many new beings and worlds were brought into exsistance but all was dark and life was barely sustainable. The creator seeing this flaw brought forth the crater of light. With a flash and a bang a meteorite landed deep in the Obnniox Volcano and world trembled as light filled the eyes of many. But something was wrong light existed and darkness never again fell over the world. People became restless and suffered through intense heat. A drought was bestowed over the world and many lives were lost. Seeing this as a problem the Creator sought out a solution to bring the darkness back to the world to relieve the people of these intense situations. Again another meteor fell from the sky falling in the darkest depths of Dusk forest and out came the keeper of darkness. Now the darkness attempted to engulf the world and the light was not pleased so a war began to be waged in the skies above the Masuyo Region. The war waged for years and Light and Darkness passed through different phases. As one would gain control the time would shift from night today and as the other would gain control it would shift backwards. It was a never ending cycle. Finally growing tired of this feud the Creator created one more being. One to moderate the other two and to keep control over day and night. Thus the birth of the twilight. With this new beings arrival and the fact that he had control over the minimal night and day factors the two warring creatures attmepted to destroy him only to be sealed away in their meteorites. One deep in Dusk forest the other in the depths of Dawn Volcano. After sealing these two titains away the being of Twilight had little power left so he bestowed the last remaining portion of his power in the sacred gym of twilight and hid it deep in the oceans blue as he vanished into the twilight realm.

    Of course no one knows how acurate this legend is or if its even true. All I can say is that legends are still being written and you may be a part of one yourself."

    .::~Little old forest lady~::.

    The Intro

    *Phone rings* Hello I am Lilly Evergreen, I take it you are the newest resident to the Masuyo Region and Candriff town. I happen to be your neighbor and one of the top Pokemon researchers around. I see you are a transfer student from the Johto region's Pokemon Academy. I have talked to all of your teachers and they have granted me permision to assign you a project of my own. Don't worry you will gain full credit in your classes and still be able to graduate as scheduled. I have noticed several strange things happening lately around the region. Wierd pidgey migration patterns and schools of goldeen fleeing into cooler water. I feel something is going on here and I suspect either "Team Enigma" or those blasted "Rockets" are up to no good. Please come by my lab so we may speak about this in person.

    *Phone clicks*

    "Hmm that was odd, Maybe I should go and see what this Prof. Evergreen wants."
    You have your reasons for going however......

    The Storyline

    Ok I have reworked this a little.

    The Story takes place approximately 1 year after G/S/C and 4 years after R/B/G/Y and around the time of R/S/E but before D/P/Pt this is so that the few D/P/Pt references I have in the game will seem accurate as well as various other things such as the new Team Rocket.

    You are a student at Earl's Pokemon Academy in the region of Johto. Your father (still the reason you move =P ) is a marine Biologist and also studies various other pokemon migratorty habits. Prof. Lilly Evergreen from the Masuyo Region calls him up in a panic and asks his opinion about several strange happenings. He claims he can't fully understand the problem without witnessing it first hand. So he and your mother talk it over and agree that it would be beneficial to move to Masuyo.

    So now what? You are currently enrolled in school and now you are being forced to leave all your friends behind. No worries you will make new ones. Thats what you've been told time and time again. Your parents have already bought a new house in Masuyo and enrolled you at a local pokemon academy so you can continue your schooling.

    Bright and early one morning not to long after your arrival in Masuyo your mother awakens you telling you this horrible, horrible news. Your father was at Port Aquarius when he was suddenly kidnapped by Team Enigma. Your mother is worried and you are enraged. Only moments later do you get a phone call from the professor asking for your help. She attempts to bribe you promising to ensure you pass your classes at the Pokemon Academy. However you have alternative motives for agreeing to help her. You plan to rescue your father and punish those responsible for his kidnapping.


    • 3 regions to explore, possibly more (Kanto, Johto and Masuyo)
    • New Region (Masuyo Region 100% CUSTOM)
    • New Tiles
    • New Pokeballs (The Geo Ball makes an appearance)
    • New Poke's
    • New Items/Berries/TM's
    • New type of bike (Debating on a motorcycle similar to Wes's From Coloseum)
    • PokeCOM with the Pok3 Player to listen to music tracks.
    • Various characters from PkMn Granite Version (My Gold Hack)
    • Your Father is an actual character in the game (he has a greater part in the story than in prior games)
    • Unique Interface (POKeCOM) (edited version of POKeGEAR hopefully w/more features added into it)
    • Banking System (WIP Currently Adding, Will include intrest rates and maybe bonds to make money.)
    • All normal modes of Transportation (Taxis, Buses, Trains, Ships, Airplanes, etc.) (Buses and Taxis are for larger cities only mainly and maybe urbanized routes. Trains are from large cities to other large cities. Ships are from the main region to local islands. And last but not least Airplanes for region to region travel.)
    • 2 Pokemon Leagues, The Kanto League and Masuyo League.

    Features Under Debate.

    • Tourney Based Pokemon League (More than likely will happen)
    • Able to join Evil Syndicate. (This will make you unable to catch normal pokemon and change your primary goals)
    • Snag Machine (Much like Colloseums except its used to catch trainers pokemon rather than shadow pokemon)
    • Net Play Online play feature (Allowing player vs player and much more)

    The Hunger/Hygene/Stamina Systems
    In an attempt to add some realism to the game (And annoy the players) I plan to add Hunger, Hygene and Stamina into the game mechanics. How this will work is you will have 3 status bars one for each of the mentioned attributes. These will be viewable through the POKeCOM and will be moderated in percentages. You will be safe until you reach 30% in which case you will have to eaither Eat, Clean up or Rest. If your hunger gets to 0% you will white out and wake up at your last visited POKeMON CENTER. If your Hygene reaches 0% pokemon will no longer appear, trainers will refuse to battle with you and NPC's will be a little on the rude side towards you. If your Stamina reaches 0% you will be unable to move until it reaches 15% in which case is still really low. If you try to move while at 0% Stamina a box will appear informing you that your Stamina has dropped to 0% and that you should rest a while. Now about maintaining these things. Hunger can be easily fixed by visiting your local BURGERMON Fast food dinner or by eating various foods bought at local POKeMARTs. Hygene is easily brought back up by brushing your teeth and bathing regurlarly. The bathing process will be simple, You find a shower interact with it (NO I WILL NOT HAVE NUDE SPRITES) and a black screen appears for a few moments and the you have at least 80% Hygene replenished (80% of hygene goes towards bathing 10% towards brushing your teeth and another 10% for grooming yourself) Now for Stamina. By far the easiest to replenish. You do this by sleeping at night. Stamina will decrease as the "IN GAME" day progresses. Also if you run or bike it will decrease at a faster rate.(This doesn't apply to the Motorcycle).....Woops that was going to be a secret....... Its more of a hover bike kinda thing (Like WES's from colloseum)

    New Pokémon

    Approx. 100-150 new pokemon including various evos/prevos to pokemon with no prior evolutions. (e.g. Absol and Pinsir are 2 that I am making evos/prevos for) there will also be loads of various fakemon not based on prior pokemon =)

    New Legendary pokes (Im sure you will love them)

    Current Team: Forsaken Inc./Team Forsaken

    Team Leader/Event Manager/Story Development:SytheXP/Invokez

    Mappers: Myself and Speedy G32(Trying to contact Speedy atm)
    Spriters:Myself and Doctor Love(Trying to contact Doctor Love atm)
    Story Developers: Myself
    Openings Available: PM For info also check out the team recruitment thread for other details 2nd page.


    I have a few but Im remaking the maps (Again) I updated tilesets to D/P tiles and now I need to get map sizes right. However I might go custom and mix the two styles, do away with the D/P houses keep the trees and just re-shade/color the Fr/Lg tiles and add some of Kyledove and Sauravs tiles. Thats my main graphical delima at the moment.


    (These are ALL out of date. The male hero no longer looks like this. Will add new screenies later.)

    JPG Format prevents any theft possible. Also these screenies are slightly out dated but the most recent uploaded they will be edited soon don't worry.

    Credits and Thanks

    Red Gyrados for thread layout (Hope you dont mind I organized mine similar to yours)
    Fangking Omega for Fr/LG tiles and inspiration (No longer using the tiles but I really owe you)
    Kyledove for D/P Tiles (Also trying to match his style for customs)
    Saurav for various tiles (May not use them but still thanks)
    Poccil Pokémon Essentials
    Dalton(My Friend IRL) for inspiration and various sprites
    Doctor Love for use of her Fakemon Scribble. (And possibly various other fakemon and sprites)
    Dragonfree (For scratch Hitmonchan and Scyther sprites, may not use but I promised credit so in case I do here it is)
    4th Gen Matt (For D/P/Pt Resources)

    Thanks to PokeCommunity for feedback, Criticism, and any help/resources.

    Any c&c on my story let me know. After I get my tiles correctly done I will upload some screenies of maps.

    Masuyo DEX (Under Development)


    Some names may cange in the future, Some fakemon may be removed. More fakemon will definately be added.

    001- Tropicalf (Grass)
    002- Exoticow (Ground/Grass)
    003- Palmbull (Ground/Grass)
    004- Smolderflare (Fire)
    005- Sootcoon (Fire/Steel)
    006- Volcanosteam (Fire/Steel)
    007- Hydrobli (Water)
    008- Artimole (Water/Ice)
    009- Polartimol (Water/Ice)
    010- Scribble (Normal)
    011- Smeargle (Normal)
    012- Larvapin (Bug)
    013- Pinsir (Bug)
    014- Coraby (Water)
    015- Corsola (Water)
    016- Corcannon (Water)
    017- Magneky (Electric)
    019- Phantusk (Ghost/Ground)
    020- Komo (Dark/Dragon)
    021- Komodon (Dark/Dragon)
    022- Apoc (Dark)
    023- Absol (Dark)
    024- Fiaura (Fire)
    026- Magnesis (Fire/Psychic)
    027- Jadeasaur (Grass)
    028- Jadezy (Grass/Rock)
    029- Jaderon (Grass/Rock)
    030- Koya (Water)
    031- Koyperior (Water/Fighting)
    032- Kymega (Water/Fighting)
    033- Ameobasphere (Ice/Poison)
    034- Totepeep (Flying)
    035- Totechirp (Flying/Ground)
    150- (Ice/Dark)
    151- (Fire/Dark)

    Will try to get images up ASAP due to the newest revisions of the starters are beast if I must say so myself. (Have to recover these images, Shouldn't be difficult.)

    Concept Art (If I can get my pics online):

    The Hero/Heroine and the Rival

    Ok I want to add a little more background on the three main characters. I will refer to them using their default names.

    Fayte (Boy):
    Bio:A hot headed youth who lived in Johto and attended a local Pokemon Academy. His love for pokemon is matched only by his love for battling.
    Hair/Eye Color: Brown hair,Green eyes

    Hope (Girl):
    Bio: Fayte's younger sister who also attended Earl's pokemon academy. She likes to battle but prefers the contest life. She never backs down from a fight though.
    Hair/Eye Color: Brown Hair, Blue Eyes

    Bio: A resident of Candriff town in the Masuyo region. She has a fairly shady past and not to much is known. However she insists on helping the main characters in bringing down both team rocket and team enigma.
    Hair/Eye Color: Black Hair, Brown Eyes

    I will add sprites later of the characters Im working on the female and rival (I have concept art just need to sprite em)

    Hero/Heroines relatives:Falkner of Violet City.


    Expected release: July 11th (This is approxiamtely 2-3 weeks, this gives me time to get the main demo events up and running and a few other things for the V.05 Demo ready. Content wise it will contain approx 4-5 cities/towns, approx 4-5 routes/caves, Basic Safari Zone which is under development even in game I think you will like it. There will be 1 or 2 main gyms and at least 1 hidden gym. Also be on the look out. Not all areas are marked on the map.) Also due to computer troubles this may be delayed not sure yet.

    .::Expected Content::.
    This is the content that is planned to be in the first demo.

    Violet City (Johto)
    Candriff Town
    Route 1
    Flo-Town (1st Gym)
    Route 2
    Gloraxiuz Town
    Cave of Discipline
    Route 3
    Spirax Town (Hidden)


    This walkthrough will be added after the first demo release. It will help players navigate through the early portions of the demo simply so that all early on equipment and items may be obtained this will also help to prevent confusion. It will help players so that they may progress past the first portion of the demo and get into the main story elements provided in the demo. A majority of the walkthrough will be to help you progress through the Johto portion of the game which is just one town (Violet City).

    Episode 1: The Begining; Violet City

    Ok so you will start of and choose your character either the male hero Fayte or the female heroine Hope. You then select your name and progress through the intro to reach the game. You start off in your bedroom asleep (Duh) and your mother awakens you. She then asks you to go locate your sister/brother depending on your gender. After you locate them your sibling informs you that you should return home quickly but not before you check out some of the local area which I advise you to strongly do. You can not enter Sprout tower's upper levels due to you not having a pokemon and you can't enter. Also you can't leave Violet City. If you talk to the civilians you may learn a few hidden secret and be able to obtain some rare items or cash so don't be afraid to chat with random people. After you are done exploring this town return home and please don't stay out to late your mother gets worried when you do that...... Upon arriving at your home you will enter and your family will be inside. Next thing you know the pone rings for your dad and you overhear a tiny bit of his conversation which mentions moving to the Masuyo region. Next thing you know you are quickly rushed out the door (No you don't pack, the movers and their pokemon handle EVERYTHING). then you arrive in Candriff town in the back of the truck. You step out and are greeted by your mother and now you are an official resident of Candriff town and the Masuyo Region.

    Episode 1.5: The Begining Cont.; Candriff Town: Take 1

    Ah ok so you are now a resident of Candriff town. The Masuyo region is a very peaceful place and your new home is proof of that. Your mom will inform you to explore the town and meet the new people of the Masuyo region. This is also advised being as you never know when an action you make can change the entire outcome of gameplay. There are several hidden items located in the town so be sure to check carefully you may not get a second chance to look. Also several pieces of scenery change as time progresses and many people come and goas well. You never know when a good story told by a wandering artist or trainer may help solve the deep mysteries of the pokemon world. So after you have walked around and investigated your surroundings or if you just want to progress and arn't to worried about those rare candies and pokeballs dropped by unwary and tired trainers then the next place you must go is back home. Whether you enter your house immediatly after you get out the truck or if you explore a little the events inside your house do not change until after you progress in the story a little. But after your long trip from Johto arn't you a little tired? Ok so head on upstairs and go to bed Im sure its pretty late (If you want backstory on your dad talk to your mom before you go to bed and she will inform you that your dad had to go to the marina in port aquarius). The next morning your mother awakens you again except this time theres a problem. Your father has been kidnapped. You mother asks you to go talk to Prof. Lilly Evergreen to find out more infomration on the situation so go to the local Poke Lab and find out whats really going down.

    (The Walkthrough will Improve upon the demo release)

    .::Team Forums::.
    Underground Gaming (Click User Bar, I don't think that ones against the rules...)

    Forum is under development as it was recently created. It is currently mainly dedicated to this project however it will host our future projects as well. We will also offer team info/bios. and project info. Until I get the forum fully operational the best place for updates will be here.

    .::SUPPORT US::.

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