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    Uh-huh. I'm not one to give up on an idea without a fight especially if it means abusing poor hapless soldiers in the process

    Screw it. I'm doing it the old-fashioned way.

    Yep Gav, I'm really close to Umbri. *pats his head*

    Umbri: That's what I mean Dream. It would be interesting, and I don't think there's been an idea like this before.

    But I would also really like an actual RP section, so that would be cool too Gav!
    You know, the idea I'm chasing is related to that. How, I don't know.

    You're right, Umbri. It IS a unique notion, partially because poor partners often get overlooked in the mainstream Pokemon circles.

    An actual RP section in the SG or in general..?
    To this day i've never really understood the role playing =/
    I don't get what its for and i feel dumb
    What do you mean? I think of RP's as large, epic stories that everyone helps write...

    Soldier: *soaked* UM, SIR?
    Soldier: ...I'm cold and wet....

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