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    I hope this is still active! It sounds quite fun! I hope this is ok for you!

    Name- Gemma Elf

    Age- 14

    Gender- Female

    Pokemon Half- Azelf

    Appearance- Gemma has short blue hair that comes level with her chin, rather like a team galatic grunt, but her hair is a lot more shiny and silky. She has a large red jewel on her forehead that glisten blindingly in the afternoon sun. She's quite pale, but many people ask Gemma is she has left make-up on, since her face has a blue tint to it. In fact, her whole body does. She wears royal blue and white clothes. Mostly skirts due to her two tails that leak from the end of her spine. The skirt is blue while her vest top is white. She does not wear shoes or sandals, or anything on her feet. Did I mention that her eyes are also yellow?!

    History- Gemma doesn't know much about herself, but she does not she is no normal young girl. When she was five, she started to noticethat she was not like other humans. For a start, she had two tails hanging out of her dresses. She asked her parents why she was different. They simply replied with

    "My dear, everyone is different in their own way. You have an amazing gift of looking very different. That's what makes you different from others, and you're very special."

    Gemma did not believe that their words gave her a solid answer. Because of this, she began looking for ways that would make her more normal. Gemma would get her two tails and roll them up. She would take a bit of ducktape and then stick the tails to her backside. This never worked. It caused her massive pain when her parents removed the tape, and caused pain since she did not have the feedom to move her tails.

    Gemma looked for ways to hide the Jewel on her head. She got ribbon and tied it around her head. The style did not suit her at all and she got picked on for looking ridiculous due to the thing around her head!

    It was at that moment she realized that even though people joked around and some picked on her, many people of her home town had come to accept her with open arms. She was picked on, but so was kids with glasses or spots. She was no different in her quiet little town. She made friends with Pokémon easily, and became very comfortable with her life.

    On her 14th birthday, she receieved a book on legends. It had many things and many pictures. She admired those who had gone out and saved the planet from destruction. Then... she came across a picture of three Pokémon. Mespirit, Azelf and Uxie. Gemma looked at the Azelf and then ran to the mirror. It was clear to see that she was half Azelf. She realized that all the times she felt like she was floating.... was her actually floating!

    Team Delta rushed to her door a few days later. Her parents were extremely scared and would not hand over Gemma. The Delta grunts got annoyed and ended up killing the people that were so kind enough to take Gemma in under their wings. Gemma was so upset that she lashed out at the grunts!

    Pokemon Move- Last Resort: A move Only usable when all other attacks have been used. Power Points Base Power Accuracy 5 130 100
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