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    Here's my SU, there's a lot of detail despite it being short.

    Name: Jesa Saref

    Age 14

    Gender: Feminine

    Pokemon Half: Palkia

    Appearance: Jesa is tall for her age and somewhat thin. She has sharp claws instead of fingernails, and her pale, reddish-brown hair naturally parts to the sides of her head and lightly up at the ends. She usually wears a plain whitish pink shirt, and she does not like to wear skirts, so she usually wears jeans instead. Her pale skin has an unnatural tone to it, but she has piercing blue eyes.

    Personality(It's important): Jesa is happy-go-lucky, and she sees the glass as half-full instead of half empty. She sometimes gets a little hyper, and at random times as well. She says "Did you know" a lot and then some random fact, an example would be "Did you know that Poliwag's swirl goes the other way around when it evolves?" When she is mad, a strange distortion appears around her claws, small objects tend to dissapear if she touches them when she's mad.

    History: Jesa grew up in Celestic town. Her "nana" found her egg just outside, and was surprised by her looks when she hatched. She was somewhat lonely growing up, because her "nana" didn't let her outside very much. When she does go outside, she likes to observe every little thing, but she has a very good sense of direction, and she has never gotten lost. Her nana loves her very much, and still has not told Jesa that she is a Pokemorph.

    Jesa always tries to do the right thing, but her claws and abilities sometimes makes her clumsy. She embraces her imperfection though, and views it as being "unique."

    Pokemon Move: Special Rend

    I did a girl because of the hair thing, it would've been better on a girl. I hope it's okay...

    ^ This one is 500 px long for sure