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    Alright, you crazy people, I have been considering this for a long while now, so I feel it's about time to make it official. There are going to be some changes here in PRP, and since I plan for them to be longstanding ones, I would appreciate everyone's input on the matter.

    At present time, the considered changes are as follows:

    1. Limitations on RP submission

    Right now, I can honestly say that this is the biggest issue this section has. Throwaway RPs, threads that don't even look planned to last a week, are being made and submitted in dozens on a weekly basis and I am getting royally sick of it. Every time something doesn't work out quite as planned in an RP, it's close and restart. Every time someone didn't get that very special starter in generic journey number 135, there's a new thread. And every time a new thread is made, somebody else wants some other thread locked. It is tedious, it is wasteful, and it is the one major lag factor on the thread moderation that I'd like to see dead and forgotten. SO, unless a better idea to fix this problem is presented, one of the following rules will be put into place:

    A. A numerical limit on how many RPs one person is allowed to host at a time and a minimum time you have to wait before requesting a thread lock on an RP.

    The numerical limit would most likely be laid down as either two or three threads. More than that, I honestly haven't seen anyone handle responsibly. Prospective thread lock limit is one month, starting count from thread creation.

    B. A time limit between submitting RPs

    Prospective time limit is one month since the last approved thread. Declined submissions would not count towards the time limit and it would not apply to OOC threads. UPDATE: Time limit now prospectively at two weeks.

    The purpose of this change is to encourage more long-sightedness and commitment in hosting and joining RPs. A thread that's no good for more than a week or two is not a thread that should have been submitted to begin with.

    2. Update of RPing guides and resources

    Let's face it, the 'useful links' are not nearly as useful as they could be. Guides are scarce and insufficient in scope and most of them are practically ancient, so some major improvements are in order here. To all the veteran writers reading this: the more help I can get with this, the better. Anyone with an interest in writing a guide for any part of RPing, particularly actual posts and plots, please contact me and submit any prospective guides via PM for basic quality control before posting them. A new sticky will be made to replace the old 'Useful links' one and to host all of the assembled guides.

    Again, let me stress: all help on this point is greatly appreciated and the wider the base of authors the guides come from, the wide the perspective they give will be.

    UPDATE: No special permission is needed to write a guide, but it should be PMed to me for proofreading before being posted in the section. This for matters of organization, quality control and avoiding flat-out contradiction between guides. Also note, an RPing guide is not just a guide on the writing process itself. Topics such as general behavior in RPing are also open to guide writing.

    3. Enforcement of the one-paragraph rule will be loosened

    This has been a common cause of infraction in the section, but recently it has been abided by well, so I am willing to give a bit of leeway. Paragraph minimum will no longer be enforced by the character count, but please keep in mind that this is a priviliege; not a right. If five-word posts and similar eyesores start cropping up, the rule will be reinstated in full force.

    In short: keep up the good behavior on the post quality front. I don't like having to go through all those posts to check for this any more than you like being infracted for it, so I sincerely hope that my trust in this matter is not misplaced.

    4. Suggestions for new sticky threads and possible rule changes are now open

    Section policy has always been to keep stickies to a minimum, but since I am making changes I may as well bring this point up as well. If there is a specific kind of thread you have been missing in this section, or if you feel that a section rule is being more of a hindrance than a help, then please post your suggestions and thoughts here. I will not guarantee that every lasts suggestion will be taken into practice, but I will guarantee that all suggestions and opinions will be given consideration.

    UPDATE: A suggestion for a separate character discussion has been put forth. There is technically nothing stopping you from using RP discussion for this purpose, but if anyone is really keen on getting a separate thread, now's the time to say it.

    So, there you have it folks. I will, according to present plan, keep this discussion thread open for two weeks before I make my final decisions on the matter, but this can be extended if the discussion warrants it. So please, thoughts, suggestions, opinions...let's hear them. I don't plan on making changes of this scale often, so if there is something you feel this section has always needed, now is the time to say it.
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