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    I assume you mean for us to share opinions in this thread, since you left it unlocked, so...

    I haven't been active in this particular forum's RP life for a while (and most of the ones I was in years back weren't very good xP), but I have dabbled in the "art" for years.

    1. Limitations on RP submission

    I really support this idea, because if there's one thing I know about RPers, it's that they tend to be fickle. At least the one's I've encountered, including myself. Creative minds means creative ideas, and it seems like they have to make a new RP every time one pops into their head. I like both A and B, and I think that you should combine aspects from both in the final rule that you decide on.

    From A, I think you should cap it at 2 or 3 RPs per person. 2 is my personal limit before I start going crazy, and from what I've seen, most people have their limits around 3. I second the one-month wait period before locking as well, because that will allow for the RP to start, develop, smooth over problems, and stabilize. A lot of people lock early because they face problems with plot/players when the RP starts, and lose the motivation to try and fix them. A month is a reasonable period to let them think the problems through without the knee-jerk "just give up" attitude.

    From B, I think the period should be measured from the time the RP actually begins, rather than from the first post. So, one or two weeks (I would say two, personally) after the first in-character post.

    2. Update of RPing guides and resources

    This is something I also agree with. The current resources are helpful, but I think a lot of them could be reorganized, updated, and rewritten to be better. I think this should be a group effort, since people have different styles of writing and different interpretations of general RP knowlegde.

    Another possibility would be like mini-guides, written on the same subject by several different people, offering their own unique views and help related to it. Something like these could be compiled into threads, with each post pertaining to a different topic. Something like this might be difficult to organize in terms of getting people to write them, however.

    Personally I'd be happy to help write new articles, or help other people write them.

    3. Enforcement of the one-paragraph rule will be loosened

    I'm glad you're loosening this because I've seen strict length rules ruin RPs before. Usually one-paragraph rules aren't that bad, but in some RPs, there are situations where there is really nothing much to say, and trying to fill it up with useless sentences just makes it look bad. You can only use the "he lookes around, sighed, and kicked his foot up" filler so many times.
    Also, I have had problems with it in other RPs because I tend to write long sentences, and usually I can get what I want said in one or two and I'm stuck for the last few. I've seen other people with this problem as well.

    I prefer a character/word limit to a sentence limit, like the one used on this forum, and I think you should continue it's use. Do you have a character/word limit on this board? I think you should have one, even if it's not that big, since that allows us long-winded people to post painlessly even if it's not a full paragraph.

    Hmm... that's all I really have to say. =P I really like all of your ideas that you've proposed.
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