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Originally Posted by Alter Ego View Post
1. Limitations on RP submission

B. A time limit between submitting RPs

Prospective time limit is one month since the last approved thread. Declined submissions would not count towards the time limit and it would not apply to OOC threads.

The purpose of this change is to encourage more long-sightedness and commitment in hosting and joining RPs. A thread that's no good for more than a week or two is not a thread that should have been submitted to begin with.
Originally Posted by Deoxys55 View Post
From B, I think the period should be measured from the time the RP actually begins, rather than from the first post. So, one or two weeks (I would say two, personally) after the first in-character post.
The limit isn't measured from the first post, it's measured from when the thread is approved and then posted.

Originally Posted by . K i a r r a * View Post
Though I've yet to create a thread of my own here, I prefer the proposals in 'Limitation' rule A, rather than that in B, purely because a month can be a very long time when you're suddenly hit with inspiration for a RP, and have to wait because you've already got one going. :3
That said, I do agree with . K i a r r a * that a month for roleplay submission is overextended. While the reason is justified and rightly so, considering the number of pages the forum has with, let's face it, dead roleplays, maybe the submission limit could be shortened to a fortnightly basis? I know some people who have made and maintained more than one or two roleplays at the same time, so consideration could be given to those capable of doing so. Comparison can be drawn from their previous roleplay with the number of members still participating, posting consistency and the like and so on and so forth.

Otherwise, I see no problem with the other rulings.
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