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    Name- Elise Bird
    Age- 12, almost 13 (Birthday: October 4th)
    Gender- Female
    Pokemon Half- Uxie

    Appearance- Elise is near four feet eight inches (about 1.5 meters) tall, and tends to think of herself as shorter than average. Her build is average, though a little on the lean side. Her hair is short and straight, colored a light blond. On her forehead is a red jewel like Uxie's, and it glows a little when Elise is thinking hard. Unlike Uxie, Elise doesn't automatically make people forget by looking into their eyes, so she doesn't have to worry about nobody seeing her hazel eyes. Elise's arms are somewhat short. She has two gray tails like Uxie, and like the jewel on her forehead, the jewels on her tails glow when she thinks hard. Elise sees herself as boring in appearance and often wears plain grey clothes...

    History- Elise's egg was warped to Sandgem town, with the moderate climate and peaceful beach. It, oddly, rested on a windowsill of the PokéMart, and the shopkeeper got concerned. He called outside to trainers, "Did anyone leave their Pokémon egg?" For a while, there was no reply, but a woman of about thirty was curious, walking up to the shopkeeper. She claimed it, saying that she could take care of it since no one else owned it, and Elise hatched about two days after. She found herself in a place oddly like the one she had expected, since Uxie lives in a lake, somewhat like Sandgem. The woman that had claimed the egg was surprised that it wasn't exactly a Pokémon that had hatched, but she couldn't just leave this kid out to die. Elise was raised by the woman, Mariel, and did well in elementary school, especially on the subject of Pokémon; with the Uxie DNA, Elise was literally a natural at studying Pokémon. Elise has started her first year of middle school, and doesn't seem to want to leave, even though she'll have to...

    Pokemon Move- Mist Ball
    Shiny Articuno Hunt: 381 days, 4004 resets (still going... maybe. Stopped counting days for a while.)