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    Sign Up Sheet:
    Name- Max Redd
    Age- 14
    Gender- Male
    Pokemon Half- Shaymin
    Appearance- At 5'5", Max is a bit on the small side. He is not very strong, and is scrawny. He has short, curly green hair. With the Gracedia flowers, white horns stick out of the side of his head, and his eyes turn green. He wears a white shirt and jeans. He does not wear shoes, as he loves the feel of earth under his feet. He has a lei on that is made of Gracedia Flowers to cover the flower at the base of his neck. When he sucks in pollution, his skin becomes tanned, and he starts having coughing fits. He has black eyes and a short round nose.
    History- His egg was warped to a nursery in a hospital, where a baby called Max Redd slept. The other Max was destroyed by the warp energy, leaving no trace. The Redd family thought that something amazing had happened to their little baby.
    When Max was about five years old, he got deathly ill. The doctors at Veilstone could not figure out what was happening. Then they saw the flower. They had heard of the legend of the pokemorphs, but had never actually seen one. They figured that he had absorbed pollution, and thought that exposing him to Gracedias would help. When they made the lei and put it on him, Max let out an enourmus Seed Flare, destroying a wall. The doctors told the Redd family that Max must keep the lei on at all times, or he would not be able to discharge pollution.
    When Max was thirteen, Team delta attacked his house. Max's father sent him by Pidgeot to Sandgem Town, to be under the care of Professor Lucas, Rowan's old assistant. Professor Lucas told him everything, once being a member of team Delta. Max is now looking for the other pokemorphs to help them defeat Team Delta.
    Pokemon Move- Seed Flare