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Nice, Mewgepi looks awesome. Fire Lucario has weird eyes, but the rest of him is cool.
Alright, here they are. I'm a little bumed they have to be stuck in a thread ike this. But whatever. Anyway, I've got 90 sprites. I'm trying to reach 100. If I could put them all into one sheet, I would. But, you know, there's 90. And I just copied them from my post on another forum, that's why the have links underneath.

-sorry about color.

-this one is AWESOME.

-still ghost and flying lol.

-it's... A roboooot(Spongebob episode "Krab Borg")

-Nyoxys! Dun dun dun! It will kill you! ..........................It stinks, I know...

-12 pokemon fusion! Woo!

-lol it's watching you.

-I like this one.

-I love this one, though the tail doesn't work to well.


-this one is made from all 3rd generation legendaries-exept Jirachi. I couldn't find a way to fit her in.

-evil Jirachi(this isn't exactly a fusion, more like a recolor, although those are Giratinas wings).

-I really like how this turned out. I like how it comes down in the front.

-this was my first sprite ever.

-I don't really like this one. It was my second, I think.

-this one I don't like as much.

-this one is pretty funny.


-sorry about the black spot, I'll fix it later.

-I don't like this one.

-this one is pretty scary.

-I'm disappointed with this one.

-he looks like a duck!

-believe it or ot, thats gorebyss's tail!

-the tail doesn't go wuth this one. It's still cool though.

-this one sucks.

-I like this one a lot.

-I wanted to make all starters a different type, but I got bored with it. They still all trump each other the same way, though.

-this is a bunch sprites that all evolve the same way the eveelutions do.